Lil’ Wayne Vows to Take Drake & Nicki Minaj With Him Post Cash Money

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The record label feud between rapper Lil’ Wayne and company honcho Birdman is reaching tumultuous heights; the former is vowing to take fellow artists Drake and Nicki Minaj with him, after he finally gets his wish to exit Cash Money for good. The 32-year-old is reportedly planning on suing his estranged manager in order to make absolute sure that he takes his artists with him when he walks out the door. The ongoing battle between the two came to a head last week, after settlement talks fell through and Weezy announced that he was taking the situation to court in order to fight for what he felt were his infringed rights and dues.

The impending lawsuit in question will detail Lil’ Wayne’s claims that Birdman (real name Bryan Williams) committed two major offenses against him: not only is the rapper alleging that Williams violated the pair’s contracted, but he is also accusing him of owing eight million dollars. In terms of the first accusation, the How to Love hit-maker says that the 45-year-old broke contract protocol by withholding the release of his new album as a result of their disagreements with one another.

Birdman has insisted that he fully intends to release the record in question, but it is a matter of administrative work still needing to be done; something, he says, Wayne does not in any way understand given that he knows nothing about producing and only about rapping. He claims to be releasing the album in “due time”, but Lil’ Wayne is putting his foot down when it comes to this statement and refusing to allow it to be delayed any further.

The money related issue surrounds an instance in which the aforementioned eight million was put forward as an advance for Birdman’s latest album. It was supposed to be paid back, but Weezy claims that it never was and therefore has added that to the list of things he is bringing to court in order to have a judge rectify. His main goal is to be free of his Cash Money contract, after well over a month of in-fighting and reportedly feeling like a “prisoner” being held under the record’s thumb.

Lil’ Wayne’s mission to take Drake and Minaj along with him may not be as easy as it sounds, however. Although the pair (along with Christina Milian, Lil’ Twist and many other A-list hip-hop entertainers) are signed to his Young Money label, Birdman’s Cash Money reportedly has a distribution deal set up with all of the artists from Lil’ Wayne’s company. The Louisiana native has admitted that he knows this part of the court case will be difficult, but that there is no way he is leaving the situation without every one of his artists following. He is aware that Birdman has no plans to allow this to happen, but is insistent that he has the right to bring them with him and will do everything he can to execute this right.

Whether or not Lil’ Wayne will win the battle to bring fellow rappers Drake and Nicki Minaj along with him following his desired exit from Birdman’s Cash Money record label has yet to be seen. Any news on when the court case officially starts has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Georgetown Voice – Flickr License

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