Chris Pratt on Shortlist to Play Indiana Jones for Disney

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, just might be chosen to be the next Indiana Jones, as he is on Disney’s shortlist of actors the company would like to see in the role. Pratt has become box office gold, though, and has several possible movies he will star in that are already in the planning stages, so if Disney is serious about wanting him, they better sign him up fast, before he has too many commitments to also play the whip-toting adventurous archaeologist.

Chris Pratt, 35, has quickly risen from being one of the cast members of Parks & Recreation to being a much-sought after movie star. It helps that he first lent his vocal talents to the Disney blockbuster, The Lego Movie, then followed that success up with a starring role as Peter Quill in another blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, from Marvel Studios. There are already sequels planned for these two box office hits, with Chris Pratt presumably reprising his roles.

Jurassic World is another potential blockbuster looming on the horizon that Chris Pratt will star in. He will get the chance to ride a motorcycle through a ravenous pack of velociraptors in that film. Also in the works is a movie he will be in with Denzel Washington, a western. Not only that, but Channing Tatum has possibly talked Pratt into being in a prequel to Ghostbusters, which will relate how the specter-seeking group originated.

Actor Chris Pratt definitely has the charm and poise and rugged good looks to play the next Indiana Jones, though some critics have wondered if he would be believable as a college professor, like Harrison Ford was in the original Steven Spielberg-directed franchise. A simple pair of glasses and a sharp suit and slap him in front of a class of college students, though, and he might be able to make a passing grade as a professor, provided he can keep any smirking to a minimum. If he can best his foes while out in the field, and provide a lot of pulse-pounding thrills, Chris Pratt could make an Indiana Jones reboot potentially an even bigger box office blockbuster than the original.

Suddenly, Chris Pratt is being asked to carry several franchises on his shoulders. Can he continue his current box office marketability from The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy to these additional franchises? He is talented and likable enough that it is possible he could also handle the challenge of making all of the franchises quite lucrative. If the money is right, even if one or more of the franchises happens to tank, Pratt and his wife, the lovely Anna Faris, will likely be financially set for life.

Disney plans to have director J.J. Abrams, who produced Star Trek and was the executive producer of the TV series, Lost, Fringe and Person of Interest, direct the reboot of Indiana Jones, according to Other names have surfaced in the past to play Indiana Jones, names of actors like Bradley Cooper and Robert Pattinson, so it is perhaps too early to say that Chris Pratt will be Disney’s final choice, or if he would agree to take the role if asked.

While Chris Pratt is on Disney’s shortlist to play Indiana Jones, if the company is really serious about signing him, they had better do it relatively soon. His calendar is already filling up rapidly with movie roles, and if Disney does not act quickly, the company will be forced to look elsewhere to find the new face of Indiana Jones.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Entertainment Weekly
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