Massachusetts Announces End to Travel Ban


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has just announced that he will lift the travel ban currently in effect in the state at midnight. Travel is still discouraged, as the storm is not gone and cleanup efforts are still in full force. Much of the state is seeing considerable lessening and even cessation of the snowfall and high winds, though some parts of the state, particularly in the area of Plymouth and points south out onto the cape, are still seeing rough conditions.

Massachusetts has taken the brunt of the storm, with some parts of the state seeing close to 40 inches of snow. Thousands in the state have lost power, more than any other region affected by the storm, and workers are being mobilized to restore it as soon as possible. MBTA public transportation operations are scheduled to resume on Wednesday. Officials have said that they will attempt to provide the full schedule of services if conditions allow. Amtrak has also announced that New York to Boston service will resume again Wednesday as well.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of  John Martin – Flickr License

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