Memphis Shooting at Tax Office Leaves 1 Dead

Memphis police are investigating a shooting at a local tax preparation office which left one person dead. The shooting took place on Yale Road, in the 5100 block. The shooting victim is thought to have been the clerk at that tax office, though no names have yet been released. The victim’s injuries were severe, and he died at the scene before medical help could be given.

Police are also at another scene which may be related to this incident. Local media reports that an investigation taking place at Methodist North Hospital might have something to do with this shooting, referring to it as a secondary scene. It has not been said whether there is another victim, or possibly the shooter, involved with that investigation. Memphis Police are expected to provide more details once a thorough investigation of the crime scene is completed. At the current time, no motive for this shooting has been suggested.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of dfirecop – Flickr License

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