Lexington Homicide Investigation Underway

Lexington, Kentucky police are getting a homicide investigation underway after responding to a call and finding a man shot in his vehicle. The shooting victim was found off Paris Pike at 730 Johnston Road. The coroner is at the scene, as well as the mobile crime lab. They are conducting a complete investigation of the area where the body was found, though they have not yet confirmed that it is the actual crime scene.

As yet, there has been no official announcement by Lexington police about the identity of the deceased. It is not yet known what the exact nature of his injuries were, only that they were fatal. Police have not yet identified a suspect for the public, or whether that person might still be in the area. Once the initial investigation is completed, more information is expected to be released on what the officers found and in what direction the evidence is taking them. Local media are on the scene awaiting that report.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of drew domkus – Flickr License

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