Mozilla Firefox 35 Is Now Operational

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Two days ago, Mozilla officially launched the newest version of their browser software. Mozilla Firefox 35 is now operational and open to everyone. Other than the standard minor updates between old and new versions, Firefox 35 now supports MP4 videos on OS X Snow Leopard. There is also a new, more simplified application for their Firefox video chatting software, Firefox Hello.

Same as with the previous model, users can have plugin-free video sessions by sharing an automatically generated link with anyone they wish to speak with or through the contacts in their Firefox address book. The biggest contrast from the older version is that users had to wait for their contact to enter the chat. Users can now call on their contacts from Chrome or Opera as well. Additionally, a small self-view window pops up in the lower right hand corner. This permits users to continue to internet surf until their contact becomes available. It comes as a welcome change for the regular users of Firefox Hello.

In the future, Mozilla Firefox wishes to expand the software to include new features like screen sharing and other online cooperative tools so users can be more productive with their video calls. The browser company is collaborating with Telefonica’s TokBox and their OpenTok service to advance the product.

For those who have not used Firefox Hello, it is worth giving a shot. At present, it is apparent that Mozilla Firefox wants to offer their users access to a larger variety of tools than a simple browser. Mozilla also used the launch of FireFox Hello to remind customers of another tool they recently integrated into their browser: Firefox Share. The tool was launched back in the August of 2013 and at the time, the software’s features were really limited. Since then, it has turned into a fairly useful service for social networking needs, i.e. sharing links between various sites for business.

To activate Firefox Hello, users simply click the “Hello” button located on the toolbar, or by right-clicking the toolbar, then clicking customize, they can add the button. Once they hit “Start a conversation,” the user can share the chat room’s link with a contact to commence video immediately. With the clear instructions provided, Mozilla Firefox 35 is no doubt operational, and up to the browser corporation’s expectations.

Firefox Hello allows subscribers to make free video and voice calls directly from the browser. All you need is a microphone, a webcam (built-in or external), and the latest version of Firefox to call others that are also on browsers supported by Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC).

Firefox version 35 contains security patches programmed into it to address some of the glitches inside of it. Other measures they’ve included in the software are the latest version of the PDF.js update and the reduction of usage for scaled images.

Operations and security measures behind the Mozilla Firefox 35 patch have been extensively overhauled, and now the company is more than likely going to see pleased customers. With applications like this coming out, other programs like Google or Skype could have new rivals in the near future.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

Tech Times
Tech Crunch
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Photo by Tristan Nitot – Flickr License

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