Nancy Grace Battles Rapper 2 Chainz Over Marijuana

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Television personality Nancy Grace is known for her outspoken manner as a television host, journalist, legal commentator and former prosecutor. Since 2005 Grace has hosted a self-named nightly celebrity news and current affairs show on the HLN network. For those who follow the host, it is no secret that she is against the legalization of marijuana and on Tuesday decided to square off against rapper 2 Chainz on the matter.

Hip hop artist 2 Chainz, born Tauheed Epps, did not back down to Grace’s aggressive demeanor. Instead he made some very sensible points about the legalization of pot. The lyricist believes it would lessen the strain on the economy and the criminal justice system. Grace vehemently disagreed with her entire argument being centered on children.

She found a few instances where parents had given pot to their toddlers and deemed the substance dangerous because of the actions of these parental figures. Grace said if marijuana is legalized everyone will have unlimited access causing irresponsible child abusers free access. The rapper said her arguments were less about pot and more about parents taking personal responsibility for the things their children are exposed to.

The We Own It rapper said, arrests for people who have only a small amount of weed could destroy a person’s life. It could prevent them from buying a home, among other things. Grace fired back, “If people want to qualify for a home they should not smoke pot.” The host then went on to bring up a series of rants which were not directly relative to the issue at hand.

The anchor showed several clips of a mother trying to make her child smoke pot, but 2 Chainz refused to bite the bait. Instead he said legalizing marijuana is the same as alcohol. Of course there is footage out there like this but there are also many people who love their children and would never do such a thing. The rapper said this is obviously wrong, so there is nothing to argue about. These people are imbeciles, but cannot be used as a case to define an entire community.

Grace then brought up questionable lyrics in 2 Chainz’s songs and music videos. She showed a video of the rapper smoking and alleged he a horrible role model. The No Lie rapper was not moved nor swayed by the digs against his character from his opponent. He stayed calm and answered intelligently.

On Monday, during an interview on CNN, Grace, again on the same subject matter, called her critics fat and lazy. She said legalizing marijuana is a horrible idea. Supposedly the journalist has read every bit of scientific research available on pot. Grace claimed it destroys people’s lives after witnessing users in court when she was a prosecutor. She failed to mention that their lives could have been destroyed, as 2 Chainz stated in his argument, because they were in the system for a non-violent offense such as smoking marijuana.

After throwing out a bunch of stereotypes about people dropping out of school and being “lethargic” because of weed she went on target the potential for pilots, drivers and babysitters to legally be stoned. As she brought her rant to a close the television host suggested that voters in Colorado will deserve any DUI related deaths that occur as a result of legalizing marijuana.

Nancy Grace in her brass delivery style attempted the same type of domineering conversation the following day with rapper 2 Chainz. She was in for a rude awakening as the rapper, who has been known to smoke weed, was not at all lethargic in his response. Instead 2 Chainz offered very sensible counter responses to her verbal attacks.  The debate can be see in the video link included in the listed sources.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Guest   January 19, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Nancy Grace is just another idiot who thinks just because she is ignorant, everyone else should agree with her. Have a drink Nancy, you ambulance chaser.


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