Narendra Modi Gets Flack for Wearing Suit With Own Name to Republic Day

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Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi has received a fair amount of flack for choosing to wear a suit detailing his own name sewed in gold lettering repeatedly, with the result that the clothing piece looks pinstriped. Unimpressed viewers of the ceremony in question took to social media shortly after in order to express their discontent at the 64-year-old’s fashion choice, and many of their comments were less than pleasant.

News of what the suit’s seemingly pinstriped pattern actually was quickly made its way around the internet, after a closeup photograph of his breast pocket was shown amongst other photographs of the event. Incredulity began to spread like wildfire, with many individuals baffled at the idea that Modi was literally wearing a suit with his own full name on it. One Twitter user expressed his desire to know who the “joke” was that designed the suit for the Prime Minister. Another detailed her view that Modi was essentially the poster child for being narcissistic and obsessing over himself, otherwise he would not have chosen to make such a display. There was also jokes that Modi’s personalized suit influenced the choice of coffee pot cover used during his refreshment break with United States President Barack Obama; a simple white cozy, with the word “coffee” written across it.

This is certainly not the first time that Modi has garnered public attention for his less than orthodox clothing decisions. Indeed, the Vadnagar native’s unique way of donning the kurta (form of upper garment with several different variations) has most definitely raised some eyebrows amongst the nation in terms of how he views tradition and the like. Whereas the tunic-style of kurta is generally most traditional when it comes to India, Modi chooses to don his in a shorter, more crisp fashion. The sleeves on his garment are also cut just above the elbow, a hemming decision that is not normally seen given that most tunic-style kurtas have full length arm sleeves.

The Prime Minister has gained so much recognition for his kurta style that his version of the clothing piece has been donned the “Modi Kurta” and even has its own line available for purchase on a website dedicated to selling memorabilia related to him and his success. For the most part it contains clothing, however; as well as the aforementioned specialty kurta, the site sells various printed t-shirts with sayings and the like related to the man. There are also mugs and various other trinkets; mouse pads, key chains, coins, etc. The term “Modi Kurta” was branded in the summer of 2014, and the website sells its merchandise en masse to the general regions of the UK, India, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Officials that manage it have been adamant that they are in no way selling this merchandise to support any kind of political agenda, although they have said that they do hope the items will be purchased by the Prime Minister’s loved ones and supporters.

Narendra Modi has not yet given any response to the extreme amount of backlash regarding his choosing to wear a suit detailed with his own identity, which many viewed as over the top and slightly inappropriate for the event. The suit in question is said to have been tailored by Ahmedabad’s Jade Blue, and reportedly may have cost up to over eight thousand dollars.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Sean Hurt – Flickr License