Nepal Clash With Police Leaves 10 Injured


A clash between police and locals erupted in Parsa, Nepal which has left 10 people injured, some of them critically. The confrontation took place at the Baderewa of Harpur VDC -8 when a squad from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) out of the headquarters of the Nepal Police in Kathmandu arrived to arrest on of the locals. Sarjug Chaudhary was accused of smuggling poached illegal animal parts, but before he could be arrested initially, a crowd of residents began to hurl stones at the police.

An escalation occurred, and the police responded with gunfire, sending at least 50 rounds into the crowd of people throwing rocks. The ten injured people were taken to the hospital to be treated. Among the worst of the injuries were a family of three people who all suffered gunshot wounds and went with critical injuries. It is reported that two of them are largely out of the woods, but that one is still being worked on and his prognosis is not known. Chaudhary was eventually arrested, and police were able to restore a semblance of order, but the situation there is still very tense.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of rpb1001 – Flickr License