Nintendo’s New 3DS Coming to North America This February

The most recent Nintendo Direct had information specific to those in North America and Europe concerning Nintendo’s New 3DS. The handheld will launch in both areas February 13 and will cost $199.99. Interestingly enough, only the XL version of the New 3DS will be coming to North America.

The New 3DS came out in October of 2014 for those in Japan. Australia got it next during November. Since than North America has been wondering why it did not come here. After all, Nintendo could have packaged the New 3DS with Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 3DS. Now that Super Smash Bros. has come out on the Wii U not many are still playing or buying the 3DS version, plus if players can use Gamecube controllers they are likely not wanting to return to the handheld.

The original 3DS came out in 2011 and has seen a large amount of different iterations and themes. The system started out slow and eventually overtook the portable market. As of now the library is loaded with tons of great games. The New 3DS will be able to play all previous 3DS games but normal 3DS handhelds will not be able to play New 3DS titles. This is because of the extra functionality the games will be searching for.

The New 3DS does not have many exclusives yet, although it does have Xenoblade Chronicles, which will use the new analog stick to manipulate the camera. The Nintendo direct also revealed that extra games are coming to the system. When it launches in February, so will The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

The New 3DS is what the original should have been, it includes more shoulder buttons and an extra analog stick, the start and select buttons have been moved underneath the main buttons and the system itself loads games and the eShop about twice as fast.

In the more recent years of the medium, video games have become accustomed to making one of the analog sticks control the camera, that way the player can manipulate it without sacrificing multiple buttons on the concept of perception. The Nintendo 64 struggled with this idea by having a bunch of C buttons, the Gamecube transformed the C buttons into the C stick, which made a big difference and influenced other controllers.

In other news, Nintendo recently pulled out of Brazil due to the massive taxes imports suffer from. This means that consoles are far too expensive than they should be. The dedicated fans there will have an even harder time staying loyal now as this will not help lower the cost of games or consoles.

Now that the Nintendo Direct is over, consumers that already have a 3DS will have to ask themselves the big question, is it worth it to get a New 3DS or better to stick with the inferior technology. Nintendo’s New 3DS XL is the only size coming to North America and will arrive February 13 at the cost of $199.99.

By Garrett Jutte
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