Oklahoma Police Chief Shot After School Bombing Threat


While investigating the home of what they believe to be the person responsible for calling in a bomb threat to a Sentinel, Oklahoma Head Start school, the Chief of Police was shot multiple times. Classes were suspended at all Sentinel Public Schools after a bomb threat was made against the Community Action Center, where Head Start classes are held. The mayor made a statement about taking the precaution.

Upon identifying the home where they thought the call originated making the threat, Sentinel police officers, including the chief, went to the home. Upon receiving no reply, they broke down the door and entered. While searching the house, the chief was shot four times, once in the arm, and three times to the body. There has not yet been any official report about the chief’s condition. Neither has any information been released about the shooter. Oklahoma police are on the scene as the situation develops, and further updates are expected soon.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Adam Gerard – Flickr License

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