Phillip Phillips Claims Legal Infringement in ‘Idol’ Contract


Former American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has decided to wage war on the show’s producer, claiming that his contract is ruining his career and is so unfair that he feels he can prove it is illegal. The 24-year-old recently filed a claim with the California Labor Commissioner, asking to be let out of his contract due to the aforementioned allegations as well as multiple others.

The season 12 king says that, since his crowning, 19 Entertainment has done nothing but make decisions that are in their own best interest rather than that of him and his music career. Said claims include the company arranging for him to do appearances for free, as well as making executive decisions regarding his music that he in no way signed off on.

The first of these allegations surrounds an instance in which Phillips says he was required to do a free show for a JetBlue commercial, something he was not so willing to engage in as it did not benefit him in the slightest. 19e, however, allegedly told the Georgia native that doing the show was in the best interest of the Idol live tour from that summer, as he was the winner of that season and should be represented. Given that the company reportedly gets as much as 40% when the singer does endorsements, Phillips was not happy about this in any way whatsoever.

In terms of being kept in the dark about music decisions and the like, Phillips says that he was not even made aware of the title of his sophomore album until the news had hit the media and everyone else was aware of it too. In this, he is referring to Behind the Light, a title that he says he had no idea was even a possibility let alone a definite decision for what the record was going to be called.

Production of both records is said by Phillips to not have been any easy task in the first place, due to 19 allegedly hiring a producer to work with him that he did not get along with whatsoever. He states that the man “compromised” his interests and told lies regarding the amount of mechanical royalties he would receive for the songs the pair created together. The direction Phillips wanted to take his music was reportedly ignored and his ideas/suggestions dismissed as though they did not matter, leading to the release of two albums that the singer says do not really contain the reality who he is as an artist.

In terms of responding to the legal claim filed, 19e’s rep representative gave the statement that the company has always done what was in the singer’s best interest, despite his allegations otherwise. They also said that they will do what it takes to defend themselves and the company from what they refer to as “baseless” claims and attempts to create a bad reputation on their part.

It remains to be seen what will come of Phillip Phillips’ recent legal move to get himself out of his American Idol contract, which he says is oppressive and one-sided. 19e remains adamant, however, that they will not cease to fight the singer on his claims in order for their name to not be tarnished.

By Rebecca Grace

USA Today

Photo by Rita – Flickr License

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