Police Use Taser on Golf Course Shooting Suspect


Police apprehended a suspect using a taser on the Long Beach Golf Course after he came on to the course with a duffel bag and told golfers that he had a gun inside and was going to shoot someone. The man, Richard Lavalle, reportedly made the threat and then continued walking around the golf course until officers arrived to arrest him.

Lavalle fled when confronted, at one point reaching into his bag and asking police to shoot him. They attempted to subdue him first with rubber launchers, but Lavalle continued to run away even after being struck several times. When pursuit eventually caught up with him, he was finally subdued with the use of a taser. An examination of the bag determined that he did not, in fact, have a gun in his possession. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is being charged with resisting arrest. He will also be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Big West Conference – Flickr License

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