RHONJ: Teresa Giudice Heads to Prison On Monday


Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) Teresa Giudice will head to prison on Monday to start her 15 month sentence. It has been stated that she will report to the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute but this has not been confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Teresa is scheduled to serve time for falsified loan applications, mail and wire fraud and bankruptcy.

She has to say goodbye to her husband, Joe, and four daughters. The two oldest children are aware that she is going to prison for breaking the law, however the two younger girls think their mother will be away working on a book about jail. Both Teresa and Joe feel they are too young to understand what is really going on.

When Teresa was sentenced rumors began to surface that she might serve time in West Virginia at FPC Alderson. This is the same prison Martha Stewart was sentenced to back in 2004. Initially Stewart was headed to FCI Danbury but did not serve time there because of the media’s easy access. Some are thinking the RHONJ star will follow Stewart for the same reasons.

The FOB Designation and Sentence Computation Center takes into consideration the convict’s crimes, criminal history and recommendation from the judge when determining the security level of the inmate. It is also their goal to place prisoners within 500 miles of their last address to accommodate family, friends and program needs.

Wherever Teresa is placed, life as she has known it will drastically change. She has been living the posh life associated with being a reality star complete with all the glamour and privilege that lifestyle entails. Wendy Feldman, the star’s former crisis consultant, said Teresa is in denial about heading to prison. She added:

Trust me, when she lies down on the top bunk of a metal bed at night and remembers she cannot leave, it will take a while to sink in. If she continues to be in denial, she will not even know she is there, but she could actually be one of those who does hard time and could make herself miserable the entire time.

The star’s sentence also includes two years of supervised probation. The terms are not yet known but in times past have sometimes been restrictive with celebrities. Probation terms are dictated by the “powers that be” within the federal probation system. Teresa is expected to be released in 2016; her probation will begin after her release. Her husband, Joe, will begin to serve his sentence once his wife returns home. Joe received a 41-month sentence for his part in the fraud; his place of incarceration is currently unknown.

Teresa’s information has already been posted on the BOP website under the “Find An Inmate” section. She is officially an inmate and has already been assigned a prisoner number. On Monday, January 5, 2015, she will turn herself in and say goodbye to her husband and four daughters ranging in age from 13 to four-years-old. Teresa Giudice’s incarceration location is not confirmed but regardless of where she is placed Joe, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana will have to navigate life without the RHONJ reality star for at least one year.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)



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