San Francisco Fire Kills 1 Injures 4

San Francisco

San Francisco authorities are reporting now that a four-alarm fire that is burning in a large building in the Mission District has claimed the life of at least one person, and injured four more. The fire is located near Mission and 22nd, and is completely destroying the building it is in. Having done what they can for the people in the building, losing one, San Francisco firefighters are working on containment primarily at this point. They are attempting to prevent the spread to nearby buildings, taking a primarily defensive stance, and are having to let the fire burn itself out within that defensive perimeter they have established.

While it has been reported that there are four injuries in addition to the one death, there may yet be more. Media members on the scene were not able to ascertain whether there were more people potentially trapped or injured before firefighters had to quit the building. The nature and extent of the injuries to the four people have not been reported yet, but more information is expected as the situation is ongoing.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Wally Gobetz – Flickr License

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