Selena Gomez Moving on From A [Bieber] to Zedd?

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, if recent photos and rumors are any indication, finally seems to be moving away from her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, to a new love interest in her life, electronic dance music (EDM) wunderkind DJ and singer, Zedd. Gomez does not need an A to Zed guidebook on romance. Instead, the singer of The Heart Wants What It Wants is following her instincts and her heart in making the move from an old flame to a new one.

Zedd, 25, is helping to produce either some songs on Selena’s upcoming album, or possibly the entire album, so it could be said that the couple’s mutual love of music is what first brought them together. While neither Selena Gomez, 22, nor Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, has publicly revealed that they are dating each other, they were photographed walking hand-in-hand after a Golden Globes party, causing some fans to speculate if their relationship might not have progressed beyond friendship. At the Golden Globes after-party, Selena Gomez hung out with some of her gal pals, like Nina Dobrev, Lorde, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift; but, Zedd was never far from her side.

Then, this past Sunday, January 18, Selena Gomez posted an Instagram photo of herself with Zedd. The caption read that she was missing Los Angeles and “this punk” as she called Zedd, “just a little tonight.”

Selena Gomez is a rising star as an actress as well as a gifted pop singer. She is currently working in Atlanta on shooting the flick The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving in Atlanta. Zedd is in Los Angeles, but they still are communicating with each other via Skype.

Preliminary word about Zedd is that a source reportedly stated to People that the EDM DJ and producer appears to be a “great and solid guy.” Also, besides music, Selena Gomez and Zedd share another interest — they both like the cult classic 2003 movie The Room, and reference it in their Instagram photos. The Room has developed a large fan base, despite of – or maybe because of — the film being called “the “best bad movie ever.”

One of the references is a black-and-white photo that was recently posted of Selena lying in bed, mostly under the covers, laughing. It is a screenshot of when they were webcamming, and it is captioned, “Oh hi derrling …” Some media sources have taken the rather sultry photo of Selena, who is in lingerie, as proof that she and Zedd are more than just good friends.

Though Zedd was reportedly upset when Selena had dinner with Justin Bieber on January 15, Gomez has since said that she is regretting ever having dinner with him and, according to a source, “doesn’t want any of her friends judging her.”

According to the web site, Latina, Zedd was born in the U.S.S.R., though he grew up in Germany. He took his professional name from how Europeans pronounce the letter “Z,” and tacked on an extra D because, well, that is how he rolls.

Zedd grew up around music, as his parents were classically trained musicians. He began playing the piano when he was only four, and took up the drums when he turned 12. Zedd became a huge fan of EDM music in 2009, after he heard an album by Justice.

Zedd, who credits Skrillex with having discovered him, has produced songs for singers ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande. Zedd became such good friends with Skrillex that they now share both the same production team and the same agent. He even produced Justin Bieber’s song, Beauty and a Beat, off of his album, Believe.

The singer and producer Zedd scored his first Grammy in 2014 when he was just 24. It was one for Best Dance Recording, for the single Clarity, featuring Foxes.

Has Selena Gomez moved on from A [Bieber] to Zedd? While it is early on in their relationship and anything could happen, at least, for now, it looks as if Gomez has found a new love in her life. Who knows, yet, if Zedd will be the final destination in the guidebook Selena has figuratively written on her heart, or if the Biebster or some other person might yet add another chapter or two to the young singer’s love life?

Written By Douglas Cobb

People Magazine
Full-Time Whistle

Photo by youseerightthrume; – Flickr License

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