Snowstorm Causes Cancellation of 6,500 Flights


The snowstorm bearing down on the Northeastern part of the country has now caused the cancellation of more than 6,500 flights in and out of the region from Boston to New York. Massive efforts are underway to keep up with the storm and make sure that people are safe and off of the streets. Public transportation will be suspended in New York at 11 pm, and in Boston at midnight. Already, most businesses have closed early and allowed their employees to return home early to prepare and then hunker down.

The snow accumulation estimates range from one to three feet of snow, with Massachusetts likely to see the highest totals of the snowstorm. Hurricane force winds are also expected, especially along the Southeastern Massachusetts coast, and power outages are expected to be widespread. The flights that have been cancelled are expected to be delayed at least until Wednesday, at least for Logan Airport in Boston, with the potential for cancellations to pile up even further depending upon what happens in the later stages of the onslaught. Air travel in and out of the Northeast is at a standstill for at least a day or two. The impact will be felt across the country, and it will take some time to get the backlog from these cancelled flights caught up.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Kent Wien – Flickr License

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