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Technology Boosts Alt-coins Like Bitcoin Through New SuperNet Initiative



The new SuperNet initiative, also known as the Unity Platform, is peaking interest in crypto-tech alt-coin alternatives like Bitcoin through its new v1 software release. Being the brainchild of anonymous crypto developer, “James,” or jl777 as he is known on crypto forum, SuperNet is gaining traction in liberty-loving communities. With a current user base of approximately 75,000, SuperNet’s goal is to sign up one million users between Jan. 15 and April 15, 2015.

Understanding that different alt-coin communities could offer greater benefits by working together, James assembled a team of developers from all around the world to create the new digital revolution by implementing a new way of integrating decentralized encrypted tech platforms. This effort is bridging borders and dissolving national divide. By seeking to bring together the best technology and the most attractive services and by using some of the brightest programmers in today’s giant tech industry, the new SuperNet initiative is using open source collaborative efforts like peer-to-peer computing and decentralized networks to boost interest in alt-coins, while including Bitcoin as an essential element within the platform.

The user-friendly innovation of SuperNet’s constantly evolving project means mass adoption of this new technology is already gaining ground. The newer, highly adaptable alt-coins are coming on the scene and offering at least a little competition for the alt-coin that started it all, Bitcoin (whose blockchain technology marveled tech enthusiasts during its introduction in 2009). In fact, BitCoin is going to be better integrated into an upcoming release.

The already controversial and still widely accepted alt-coin, Bitcoin, is no stranger to criticism and James appears to be utilizing prior Bitcoin shortfalls to improve upon the crypto-technology being developed. Other alternative crypto coins like OpalCoin, VpnCoin, VeriCoin, Nxt, BitcoinDark and Boolberry, received boosts through the new SuperNet initiative on speculation of the recent redesign and implementation of the v1.4.9 SuperNet integration of cross coin trading ability within the Nxt platform. This is partially because only alt-coins that are able to provide services which offer unique innovation or prominent development are added as core coins to SuperNet.

Alt-coins have become more than just a niche interest. Approximately 500 alt-coins popped up after Bitcoin, and ranged from offering virtually little to being vastly different. Having 500 alt-coins, nearly all of which require separate software running on peer-to-peer networks from a community much more limited than the mainstream computing community, probably led to the decline of the alt-coin market cap in 2014. However, with the growing trend to collaborate and work together in a decentralized fashion, 2015 is shaping up to be one of those years for the history books.

While Bitcoin provides a layer of anonymity with its implementation of the blockchain to record all transactions, SuperNet’s goal is to go a step further than the regulated blockchain Bitcoin has morphed into by extending the anonymity and making blockchains much more than just simply a currency alternative. SuperNet’s current challenge is gaining mass adoption, much like Bitcoin has had to overcome in its six years of existence.

SuperNet aims to access markets where there is already an established interest, while using the Nxt economy platform, BitcoinDark teleport/telepathy technology, OpalCoin tech, VeriCoin tech and VpnCoin technology as the core elements of the platform, with more to be added later. Whatever the outcomes of these projects, technology boosts like Bitcoin and the new SuperNet initiative are proving that our current understanding of technology is just scratching the surface of possibilities. New, collaborative approaches by programmers around the world are paving the way for greater leaps in technological development.

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