‘American Sniper’ Makes History

American Sniper

American Sniper is making history. It is not very often that movies go to theaters and stay at the top for three consecutive weekends in a row. That is exactly what American Sniper did while raking in $250 million collectively.

The sniper movie directed by Clint Eastwood was released on Jan. 16 with pulled in $30 million opening day. This is around the same that it made in its third weekend in, on Super Bowl weekend. The war drama made half of what it did last week which was almost $65 million.

It may not seem like a big deal for a movie to make $30 million in a weekend, in reality, it is not a big deal. However, when that weekend is Super Bowl weekend it is a big deal. People do not want to be sitting in a theater watching a movie on when they could be preparing for the Super Bowl. People want to be sitting at home pretending to prepare for the big day.

The Super Bowl record in this case is not the most amount of touchdowns per game, instead the movie that makes the most money on Super Bowl weekend. Before the title of highest revenue earned on the big NFL day was in Eastwood’s possession it went to the director of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, which made $31.1 million but was its debut weekend.

This is the third week Eastwood’s movie has been released and it still took the plaque for highest revenue generated movie with $31.3 million. The movie only made $200,000 more but than the concert movie but this is Super Bowl weekend and this was the third week since American Sniper release, again making history.

The movie American Sniper was a depiction of the happenings in his perspective. This is not to say that this is the truth. Another militant has said that the was that Chris Kyle – who the movie is based on, did not fight the same war as him. This man’s name is Garret Repenhagen, and he was also a sniper.

Repenhagen offered the analogy that the movie is like looking into a scope – everything is seen very well in that area but only in one area. Repenhagen suggests that as a sniper keeping both eyes open is very important, as was said in the movie, this man wrote an article about his experiences.

American Sniper is depiction originally an autobiography by Chris Kyle, and it should not be taken as more than that. One man could not tell the entire story of a war. American Sniper is a drama that is a person movie and everyone can relate to it. The movie set box office records because it is such a simple concept but difficult to grasp.

The film is now the highest grossing war film ever when not adjusted for inflation. The movie is still in its third week, the movie could easily be in a few weeks the highest grossing war movie when adjusted for inflation.

People do not want sit in a movie theater and watch a movie, they want to sit at home and watch the big game. American Sniper proves this wrong because people are still piling in to watch the sniper movie. American Sniper has made history and is still continuing to make history.

By Jacob Dowd



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Photo by The U.S. Army – License