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Anonymous to Expose Child Abusers



The hacktivist group Anonymous promised going on a march in London on Feb. 13, to expose child abusers that have been protected by money and power until now. The masked collective said they were going to go to the homes of pedophiles that belong to an elite of politicians, royals and religious people amongst others.

Anonymous made their message public and clear on YouTube, saying they were going to expose a number of people of high status and with high responsibilities, that have tortured and even murdered children. They also declared they were going to become a nightmare to those they call “Elite Street.”

The group named their protest march “Operation Death Eaters,” and declared the main objective was to reveal the identity of pedophiles protected until now by their power. They mentioned a list of powerful social positions and referred to their targets as “the stuff of nightmares;” namely royals, media, politicians, religious figures, actors and singers. Anonymous added that this elite are a “club” that does not seem to have any limits.

In their video, speaking in their usual register, the activists spoke directly to those who were their target on Feb. 13, warning them to not think they were safe. The group also reminded the “elite club” to not think their lives would not be interrupted, because they were going to be. The idea of the masked group for the protest march, was to go to the homes of those who are or were involved in something so disturbing as child abuse.

Anonymous claimed the “Operation Death Eaters” is a protest with which they hope to start an independent enquiry that will expose child abusers. One of the members of the activist group, whose pseudonym is Jake Davis, stated that their objective is the diffusion of information and not to cause turmoil. He added that the stories that are coming up in the news lately about torture to children and in some cases even murder, are an unacceptable reality.

Some of the cases of child abuse the Anonymous group wanted to expose, go back as far as to the 1970’s and 1980’s. The London Metropolitan police have recently started an investigation based on three supposed cases of murder of children back in those decades. The trigger for such investigation was the evidence given by a witness named Nick.

He has claimed that an elite group of pedophiles exists, and that important politicians are involved. Nick, a victim of sexual abuse in his childhood, has said he witnessed an “abuse party” in which two children were murdered, one of them strangled by a Tory MP.

Jim Gamble, former head of the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection center) has expressed his concerns about how working without a specific framework could bring “reckless disclosure that could ruin lives.” He added that a protest like this could put the lives of some children at risk rather than solving anything.

A historical child abuse enquiry is being carried out by justice Lowell Goddard in England and Wales. Now this protest led by Anonymous to expose child abusers, will have to be added to the list of actions taken against pedophiles.

By Vanessa Pouso


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