Apple in the Driver’s Seat

AppleApple in the driver’s seat is an intriguing phenomena as they make a striking shift in predicting their future in the marketplace. This may come to past sooner than later. One might think that this is a stretch since the target has been centered around mobile devices, music and phones.

This company prides itself in going beyond the limits. Car technology is the new focus as consideration is being given to an electric car.

The plans for an electric car have been on the burner for the past year. The company is apparently interested and there is evidence that this car could possibly be a self-driver. This requires skill in areas beyond software. Why the change to the automobile industry?

Apple will need to be advised on essential car parts, especially those that would support an electrical car. Additionally, information is needed regarding production methods and specific technologies related to the car’s mechanical proficiency.

Apple is known for its innovative experiments that keeps the field of technology competitive and moving to the next level. An interesting point was made that these new projects are great motivators for employees to continue on the company’s payroll and be on the ground level when these exciting products hit the market.

One piece of information that caused people to wonder what was going on was when a patent was acknowledged for the Apple Electric Car, Inc. Additionally, it has become evident that executives have targeted high-end cars from Europe to glean as much information on the mechanics of these cars.

With a bit of employee rivalry, the challenges at stake are high as Apple’s drawings are on the table and Tesla’s electric car is moving out of the gate. Tesla produced 35,000 vehicles in 2014. The battle is on and the need for skilled workers is at a premium. Not only are there skilled people on the team, but creating these plans has been intentional.

Fortunately, there are a number of workers assisting to create this electric car that has been given the name Titan. Titan looks like a minivan. Apple in the driver’s seat is the ultimate goal.

Tesla may not be the only competition. Google, Inc. has wanted to create a self-driving car for a long time. They actually built a model for a self-driving car. They were intending on creating a partnership with auto makers to make this specific project come to fruition.

In its 30 year history, there are several Apple products that have made contributions in the technology world. Those products include: Macintosh 128k, iMac, ¬†iPod, Apple ll, iTunes Music Store, LaserWriter, QuickTime, Mac mini, iBook, Fifth-generation iPod, and System 7. In 2010, the IPad was created. As the notion of Apple in the driver’s seat becomes a reality, very soon the public will be introduced to the Apple Watch.

As the electric car is in progress and the drop in oil production occurs, what will stop the marketing of electric cars? It was reported that the expense of building this type of vehicle will cost more than $1 billion dollars and there are more that 10,000 items to construct it. Additional items to consider would be the cost of the designs, tools, production, and certifications. Apple in the driver seat is on their technology screen.

By: Marie A. Wakefield




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