Bobbi Kristina Brown Organs Failing, Say Reports

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s organs are failing, according to reports. She is still in a coma, after being found in her bathtub earlier this month. There were startling similarities between finding her and her mother’s death three years ago.

Whitney Houston died from an overdose while in her bathtub in 2012. Brown took the death very hard, and many now fear that she took her own life. Police are still looking into all their options, but seem to have come to a halt. It will be difficult to get the full story until the 21-year-old singer wakes up.

However, it seems that her condition is getting worse. The family has said very little about her condition, and there have been a lot of misleading and incorrect reports since reporting that she was in a medically induced coma. Just last week, rumors spread that she was brain dead, and her family was preparing to say goodbye. Soon after, the family spoke out to say that they are still praying that she will make a full recovery and that she is not brain dead.

Reports now state that Brown’s organs have started failing. Several have already starting “shutting down,” and it is not a good sign for the singer. The family is said to be holding onto all hope, believing that she is fighting for her life. Father Bobby Brown refuses to believe anything else.

The family has asked that fans ignore the alleged interviews about the young girl. There are many anonymous sources sharing false information, and it is making it difficult for all. Mr. Brown’s lawyers have requested that the media stop speaking with anyone who has not been authorized with the family. It is important that the 21-year-old’s hospitalization is not compromised.

There have been a small number of interviews offered by Houston’s family. However, there have been no visitors approved for visiting Brown while in the hospital. This has helped to offer her privacy while she recovers. Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has reportedly been banned from the hospital.

After the release of the news that Brown’s organs are failing, Gordon has spoken out for the first time. The 24-year-old states that the rumors about her organs failing are not true. His lawyer released the statement, which also states that he is not seeking legal action against his girlfriend’s family for banning him from the hospital. He does pray for her recovery.

He has been very quiet over the last week or so, since finding his girlfriend. Police are reportedly investigating possibilities that he was somehow involved in the situation. There are reports that the two were in an argument shortly before the incident in the bathroom.

Brown’s hospital situation is unknown. There are mixed reports, including one that says the 21-year-old opened her eyes momentarily. The family will likely update when there is news, but at the moment things have most likely remained unchanged. All they ask for is privacy and for fans to stop believing reports that are not from authorized members of the family. This includes the one that Brown’s organs are reportedly failing.

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  1. Damian Jamal Sanders   February 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    I just wanna say to The Brown Family, My Girlfriend and I are praying for you and your Daughters situation. People qho are reading about these false roumors, ignore them and pray for Bobby Christina. She needs support our support. “He who is without sin cast the first stone”
    We need faith not judgement. We are pulling for you Bobby Christin and Family…Lord I ask that every positive prayer for Bobby Christina’s life be trippled in Jesus name Amen…

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