Jackie Chan’s Son Issues Apology for Drug Arrest

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s son has issued an apology for his recent drug arrest. Hours after being released, he explained that he is extremely sorry and prison had changed him. He was released yesterday after serving a six month sentence.

Jaycee Chan was arrested in August 2014 after being caught with 100g of marijuana. He quickly cooperated with the police, after admitting that he was very scared. He did not know what to do with the drugs, and believed handing them over to the authorities was the best decision. Rather than admit to possession and dealing, he admitted to giving others a place to use the illegal narcotics, which carried a three-year maximum prison sentence. Due to his actions, the judge decided to act with leniency and gave him the six-month sentence, along with charging him a 2,000 yuan fine.

The 61-year-old actor said that he was very disappointed in his son’s actions. He had already disinherited him from his $130 million inheritance, saying that he worried his son would waste the money. Half of it would go to charity, but he did not say where the other half would go. It was a very embarrassing moment for the Rush Hour actor due to his position in the attempt for China to crack down on drugs. The actor apologized for his son’s actions at the time of his arrest.

The arrest in the summer was part of this crackdown. The 32-year-old was arrested with a friend, and was part of a total of 7,800 arrests. Chan’s son has since issued an apology for his drug arrest, and says that he is now a changed man.

He noted that this incident has a negative impact on the whole of society, and he is sorry for disappointing those who have supported him. At no point did he try to make excuses or offer reasons for his actions, but he did admit that he was in the wrong. The incident has changed his outlook on life, and he is changing his values. Despite getting punishment through the justice system, he has not received the forgiveness from society. That is something he is now working on, and accepts that it will take time. He is starting that by saying he apologises for his actions and will be a “law-abiding person from now on.”

Chan’s parents were not at his press conference, and there were questions about that. His parents have supported him, despite being disappointed. However, he notes that he is taking responsibility for his actions and hopes to celebrate Chinese New Year with them. This will also be his chance to apologize to them properly. It is expected that his parents will continue to support him during this time.

The news conference was broadcast around the whole of the country through the state-run CCTV. It is China’s continued attempt to crackdown on narcotics in the country. He bowed before he spoke to show his sorrow and respect, and then Chan’s son apologized for his drugs arrest and his previous actions during the summer.

By Alexandria Ingham


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