Bobbi Kristina Suffers Seizure in Hospital

bobbi kristinaBobbi Kristina Brown was briefly taken out of her induced coma this morning but suffered a seizure, according to reports. The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston has been in an induced coma at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Doctors were attempting to ween her off the various medications they used to put her in the a sedated state. However, when they began the process, she began having episode of seizures, forcing the doctors to begin using the drugs once more. Bobbi Kristina has been in an induced coma for nearly a month. The young celebrity was hospitalized on January 31 after being found face down in a filled bath – she was unresponsive.

After 20 days of hospitalization, Bobbi Kristina underwent a tracheotomy procedure to keep her breathing tube from becoming infected. Doctors stated this is a routine procedure after a patient has been on a breathing tube for a few weeks.

Bobbi Kristina’s family and loved ones have remained by her side throughout the tragedy. Her father, Bobby Brown, announced that the Australia part of his tour will be postponed until further notice.

By Alex Lemieux


US Weekly

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