Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina a Relationship Strained


With Bobbi Kristina Brown still being in the hospital after over a month, the dirty laundry and skeletons of the estranged families’ are causing problems.  Bobby Brown was doing good staying out of the headlines for quite some time. Instead, the headlines are posting negative news on the family relationships, and grim reports of his daughter’s health.

One of the biggest red flags in this father-daughter relationship, is the fact that Bobby Brown’s latest nuptials were not attended by his daughter Bobbi Kristina. In 2012, Bobby Brown was wed to a TV producer Alicia Eltheridge, and had his fifth child.  Bobbi Kristina openly admitted her dislike for Alicia at that time.

Mr. Brown tried numerous ways to convince his daughter to attend the wedding in Hawaii, but she flat-out busied herself with other things and claimed that she was unavailable. She stayed in New York to film scenes for a reality show instead. Mr. Brown has recently shared the news and there are multiple reports that Alicia is four months pregnant. This will be the pop singer’s sixth child.

Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina have had a strained relationship after the death of Whitney Houston. He has never been happy with the thought of the marriage of his daughter to Nick Gordon.  Bobbi Kristina has always expressed that her mother gave her approval of them being together before she passed away. It took a while for the two of them to break the ice and embrace as a loving family after Whitney Houston’s death. When father and daughter did reunite, it was quite obvious that they truly love each other.

Through this unfortunate set back for Bobbi Kristina, Bobby Brown, her father has been by her side the entire time. Her longtime love, Nick Gordon, has not been allowed to visit the bedside of his girl. The family is not commenting on this. Although her boyfriend/husband, Nick Gordon claims that her father has not seen Bobbi Kristina himself much in the last two years. Bobby Brown and his wife Alicia both want nothing to do with Gordon. Nick has been doing everything he can along with his lawyer to fight the family from blocking his visits.

Nick Gordan feels that his meer voice will awaken her,and he is all she needs. The problem for Nick is that Bobby Brown has terms that he must meet before he is allowed to see her. With all of this said, Nick has not met the family’s terms to allow him visitation rights. The situation is not a good one, on all sides. With his daughter not out of the woods as far as her recovery, Bobby Brown has postponed his plans for his upcoming concert with Naughty By Nature to be held in Melbourne, Australia.

This is a story with so many twist. At first, the reports were saying that Bobbi Kristina’s recovery would take a miracle. It can not be determined how long she was without oxygen. Doctors say that it is technically possible to recover, but no one can say what the actual damage will be. Bobbi Kristina is still in a medically induced coma, her breathing tube has been removed several days ago and she is now breathing through a tube in her throat. Unfortunately the extent of damages caused by her injuries are not known. Bobbi Kristina still has a long road ahead of her. At this point Brown is calling all of the shots and asking for prayers.

Opinion By: Crystal Ball

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  1. barbara taylor newsuan.   February 28, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Bobby Brown her father is doing right he love his daughter all the other family want money if I was her father when time to take her home I will take her home and get round the clock services and take care of my daughter and who don’t like it can go to h


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