Climate Change Challenged by Snow Ball in Congress [Video]

Climate Change

On Thursday during a speech on the floor of Congress Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe threw a snowball that had come from outside in an effort to disprove climate change. The snowball is evidence of the frigid weather that has held the northeast of the United States in a freeze this winter, but it is not exactly proof that the global climate is not changing. This difference between weather and climate, many are contending, is something the chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee should be aware of.

Senator Inhofe has had a history of confronting climate change advocates head-on by stating that climate change is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” With regards to the freezing weather outside of Congress Inhofe is correct, but more than 97 percent of scientists that study how the global climate has changed over the last 100 years would disagree with him about his stance on climate change.

Climate change has become a topic of great concern around the world. Just a few days ago French President Francois Hollande visited the Philippines for the purpose of building a relationship between the two countries to fight climate change. While there Hollande noted that climate change has become scientifically proven and he wishes to the world to set strong policy addressing the issue this December in Paris at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Philippines are geographically located in such a location that as the earth increases in temperature, they experience heighten levels of storms that kill thousands of Philippines annually.

In February there was a poll conducted by Reuters/IPSOS that asked 2,827 Americans if there is a moral obligation for one to aid in action to prevent climate change. 66 percent of the respondents communicated that world leaders have a moral obligation to seek policy that prevents climate change, specifically Carbon Dioxide. This find may be substantiated after one knows that Pope Francis has even chimed in on this debate. His primary concern is that as world weather patterns change, it will be the poor who are left trying to cope with the drastic changes to their environment.

The issue of climate change has also been an issue at the University of Delaware. Professor of Geography, David Legates, held the Delaware state climatologist title until recently when he was asked to forfeit it due to his contentions that climate change was not real. He is now tied in with a new controversy. Apparently, Democratic House of Representative Raul M. Grijalva is investigating a report that’s conclusion claims climate change is not real, yet there are suspicions that the report was falsified by Legates. Spokeswoman for the University Andrea Boyle Tippett provided no comment and Legates was not available for comment.

Senator Inhofe made a very interesting display of speech techniques Thursday when trying to disprove climate change by throwing a snowball in Congress. To his credit he has received much attention in the media for this effort. Unfortunately for the Oklahoma senator it has mostly come in the form of questioning his competence for the position of chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

By Joel Wickwire

USA Today
Photo by drick172 – License

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