Copenhagen Synagogue Second Shooting in Hours



Copenhagen witnessed at around midnight on Feb. 15 the second shooting in less than 24 hours, this time near a synagogue. Only a few hours earlier, at around four in the afternoon on Feb. 14, there had been a shooting labeled as a terrorist attack by Denmark’s Prime Minister, in which one person died and three were injured.

A shooting occurred in the early hours of Sunday at a synagogue in the center of Copenhagen. According to first reports there were three injured people: two policemen, and one civilian. A few hours later it was reported that one of the victims died.

About six hours after the second shooting it was still not clear if it was linked to the one that happened only a few hours earlier near a cafe, also in the Danish capital city. The distance between the places where the attacks happened is roughly three miles.

The civilian victim at the synagogue attack was shot in the head, while the two policemen suffered the injuries in their arms and legs. Images were uploaded very early after the shooting happened, in social media sites showing the wounded victims.

A Danish television reported that the gunman escaped on foot, hence a train and metro station nearby started being evacuated. A journalist near the synagogue said a series of gunshots could be heard, at least six or seven had been fired.

The journalist explained police arrived at the scene heavily armed in no time. One man was arrested and handcuffed shortly after police arrived but he was set free a bit later. Policemen in the street were rushing people, giving them orders to stay indoors and to lock doors and windows. They were also telling people to avoid the city center as it was not safe.

The police searched the whole city, according to the media they were even “lifting drain covers” in a massive manhunt that started already with the first shooting. Copenhagen was a chaos of helicopters and police sirens for the first few hours of the early morning, while all measures were being taken to be prepared for any further attack.

Copenhagen witnessed in only a few hours two shootings, the second occurring near a synagogue only a few hours after the first one. A police spokesman declared the first shooting was considered a terrorist attack and they had reasons to believe the second shooting was related to the first one.

A witness of the attack in the afternoon of Feb. 14 at the cafe, said he saw people trying to flee the room towards the doors, throwing themselves to the floor to hide behind chairs and tables and some even running outside. In this first attack the gunman run away in a black VW Polo that was later found abandoned not very far away from the scene in a street in Copenhagen.

The Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who was holding a debate about art and freedom of speech at the cafe where the first attack happened, has said he thinks it was meant for him as he has suffered death threats before for portraying Prophet Muhammad in his caricatures. With this second attack near a synagogue very likely related to the first one at the cafe, Copenhagen has suffered two shooting attacks with two dead and five injured in only a matter of hours.

By Vanessa Pouso




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Photo by Jan Slangen – Flickr License