Justin Bieber Buys NYPD Officers Dinner


Justin Bieber is seemingly sticking true to his promise to clean up his act and change his ways for good this time, at least that is how things looked based on a recent act of charity he bestowed on a group of NYPD police officers. The Canadian pop star treated the men to a $200 dinner Friday night, and proceeded to allow them to snap a photograph of the event in order to prove to their families that it indeed went down as they claimed.

The 20-year-old was consuming a meal at New York City hotspot the Comfort Diner, when he spotted the aforementioned servicemen eating at a table next to him. Upon the time coming for the officer’s to settle their bill, the Ontario native quickly jumped in and offered to front the money for the group’s meal, an offer they proceeded to gratefully accept. Following this, the men posted for a photograph with Bieber per their own request, in order for them to show their various relatives and friends who might not believe their story that a famous singer paid for their dinner that night.

Bieber’s self-proclaimed “new leaf” was turned over just under three weeks ago, following an appearance on Ellen in which much of the public slammed the singer for acting incredibly arrogant and rude during his interview. Shortly after the fact, the Baby hit-maker took to YouTube to upload an extremely emotional video detailing his regret regarding not only his behavior during the interview in question, but also his actions over the past few years in general. Bieber said that he had been going out of his way to make himself appear as someone that he was not, due to fear that he would not be accepted as he was. He went on to explain that, due to him becoming famous so young, it was incredibly difficult to feel like he ever fit in regarding the world of celebrity infamy and therefore he did what he thought it took to make others like him and think he was, for lack of a better word “cool”.

He says now that he knows this was not the way to go about things, and that the manner in which he represented himself only made things worse and allowed the public to view him in a way that he in no way ever wanted to be seen as. Bieber went on to insist that he was not the uncaring bad boy he had desperately tried to make everyone think he was, but rather a caring and gentle soul that wanted nothing more than to care for others and to be cared for in the same manner himself. There is speculation that, because of his lengthy string of legal troubles that occurred in the past few years, he chose to make amends with legal authority in order to prove to people that he was indeed serious about showing the world who he really was.

It remains to be seen whether or not Justin Bieber’s recent act of kindness towards a group of NYPD officers is truly representative of his recent determination to change his ways. For now, however, the singer remains adamant that he has turned over a new leaf and is working effortlessly to show the public that he is not the person he has claimed to be over the past few years.

By Rebecca Grace



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