Dragon Age: Inquisition’s New Game [Video]

Dragon Age

Fantasy adventure game Dragon Age: Inquisition is a new game which as recently became game of the year at the Las Vegas DICE awards. The fantasy action game received two awards during the event with wins in best in class for Animation, Technical Achievement, Innovation, Game Direction that gave the title, game of the year status. This year’s version is an almost entirely different game with UI changes and several line tweaks. Dragon Age is a truly great game that features enough glimmer to blow away even the most experienced gamer. Its’ fantastic landscapes, dragons, and quests give fans a sense of unity and how to be a hero due to the need to help others during game play.

Game developer, Bioware, as released several title updates to the role-playing epic since the launch of the game last year. Even so, the company as kept silent on any news about a possible release of a future add-on unit. Dragon Age fans now have something to celebrate at the announcement that DLC now officially as new content in development and that Bioware is currently working on the new DLC add-on. The company is seeking to return Dragon Age to its roots, even if some fans feel it might focus too much on long quests.

The content for the upcoming add-on is still under development and there is not much in the way of information to highlight what the Dragon Age: Inquisition’s new game may bring. Fans can look forward with anticipation to the knowledge they will be able to download the latest content for the role-playing adventure soon. During the DICE awards, Bioware company big wigs stated that the game’s framework was something they had strived to maintain in order to provide their gamers will a game that focused the utmost on providing rich, character-driven storytelling in an easily immersive world.

Bioware continues to work out system issues that may affect game play on the Xbox and Playstation platforms with patches hoped to ease a few bugs within the game, patch 3 is available for PC stations while the fourth patch focuses entirely on the Xbox and Playstation units. The game’s status as massively multiplayer game of the year is assured to remain if the company continues to keep its emphasis on its character driven goals while continuing to provide truly sweeping game design and graphics. Bioware will also be focusing on the game’s multiplayer platform by continuing its player cooperative mode that sees players engaging in supportive interactions throughout game play while also syncing more features though free title updates. This leads to the possibility of a single-player mode for the upcoming add-on.

While there is a slowdown in the world’s mechanics plus layout with previous updates on the game, the current add-on features a unique travel map system that is at times awesome, but wholly compelling and could be seen a bit foreign to older game fans. Will fans enjoy a new more intimate mapping system in single-player mode in the upcoming add-on? It will interesting to see how Dragon Age: Inquisition’s new game add-on will be updated for a company that continually works to stay on top of the game.

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