Frozen Is Back With New Trailer [Video]


Frozen is back, and a new trailer shows the short film coming to theaters next month. Frozen Fever is all about the preparations for Anna’s birthday, and includes all the characters children and adults came to know and love, including Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf.

The short film also reunites the geniuses behind Frozen, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, along with the rest of the team. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have also joined to create the new Frozen Fever song, but it will take a lot to beat Let It Go, which continues to be a favorite for many children.

Very little has been shared about the new Frozen film, and the trailer gives very little away. It is clear that it is preparing for Anna’s birthday and the gates have finally remained open. Elsa and Anna look like they are having fun, with cycling around the halls together. Many of the scenes look like the things that Anna used to do on her own when she was growing up in the first movie.

There is a promise of a lot of surprises in the short film. Frozen’s Anna will be woken on her birthday to various gifts and surprises, including a beautiful portrait of the main characters from the last movie, including Sven. However, Elsa’s powers start causing problems and it appears that she may have caught a cold.

For those who have not seen Frozen, the movie was adapted from Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. It told the tale of Elsa, who has magical powers and has to hide them from everyone. Her parents choose to lock the gates after she almost kills her sister Anna. When the powers are exposed, Elsa runs away and Anna goes in search to save her. Frozen broke box office records and knocked Toy Story off the top spot for the highest-grossing animated movie. It earned over $1.27 billion around the world.

Frozen is now back with a new trailer, because people simply do not want to “let it go.” However, those who want to see it will need to see Cinderella first. It is just a short film at only seven minutes in length, so has to be attached to another movie. Cynics could say that there is the idea that Cinderella is not going to be popular enough without Frozen Fever.

The original actors have reprised their roles as the voices for the characters. Idina Menzel is coming back after her spectacular performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff are also returning.

Frozen Fever will debut on March 13, screening before Cinderella. The new live-action movie of the iconic fairy tale includes Lily James and Cate Blanchett, and promises to be full of action and perfect for families. It follows on from the success of other live-action versions of fairy tales, especially Maleficent.

Children will now likely beg their parents to go take them to see the new Frozen movie. It debuts on March 13, but the trailer below will hopefully tide excited children over now that Frozen is back.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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