Goto Will Not Be Forgotten


Kenji Goto’s passing shocked the world. A journalist described as a ‘hero’ for all of the things he has reported. Goto did not just die, he was executed by Islamic state, or IS for short. Goto will not be forgotten because his legacy will live on.

Goto went to Syria to save his assistant, Haruna Yukawa, after realizing the harsh nature of these people as they have already killed two Americans and one British person. In addition to saving his assistant he went to tell the story of the Syrian refugees. This did not turn out well for either of them, because Goto was captured as well.

Last week, IS put up a video of Yukawa’s execution after the Japanese government refused to give in to terrorism by giving IS $200 million. On Saturday, a video was posted of Goto’s execution. One more hostage remains in IS hands and that is Jordanian fighter pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh. As to whether he is still alive is unknown.

The Japanese government said that the reason why Goto is dead is because they could not deal with IS directly, but could only put their faith in Jordan. In a statement on Sunday by the official Jordan news agency, Mohammed Momani said Jordan tried their hardest to save Goto and was continuously in contact with Japan during the negotiations.

Momani said in a conference that IS rejected all of the attempts by the authorities to ensure Goto’s release. Jordan fighting is now fire with fire, by saying that they will execute Rishawi along with all of the other IS prisoners in exchange for Kaseasbeh.

Jordan still does not know whether Kaseasbeh is alive or not. They do know that he was found because pictures of him were posted on Twitter but IS refuses to prove the pilot is alive now. Jordan has even said that if the exchange ends up in death that they would retaliate.

IS is being condemned by Japan right now for killing its freelance journalists. The leader of Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he will never forgive IS for its actions. Prime Minister Abe said that his country will always honor Goto but he will not ever be forgotten.

The Japanese government is currently barely managing to keep the balance of not giving into terrorism and its people’s lives. Kenji Goto, 47 years, was a freelance journalist, a hero, and a father. He managed his own article company in which he was the only employee.

He wanted to tell the story of the Syrian refugees. Seemingly, he also wanted to save his friend Yukawa. In a video he made before he left for Syria he said that he would take full responsibility for anything that could or would happen.

The situation eventually involved many people. Making it so that it is not his fault for anything that happened because this would not fall under the area of his responsibility as he mentioned in the video before he left.

Goto was captured in October and Yukawa was captured in August. In effort to not give in to terrorism Japan says they will further do what they feel is right and that is humanitarian support for refugees in Syria.

The best course according to the Chicago Tribune is for Japan to boost cooperation with the U.S. as well as Middle Eastern and European countries to bring to balance to the Middle East and to prevent a terrorism spread.

It is said that Japanese citizens should yield caution before going to war zones or dangerous regions. Japanese citizens are in more danger than ever before because of abductions.

Kenji Goto died for what he believed in, as he said in the video, but he will never be forgotten according to Prime Minister Abe. His wife Rinko, said was devastated by the news but is proud of him for the attempt to report in an area so dangerous. He was fascinated by people’s experiences, by learning about tragedy in their point of view.

By Jacob Dowd

The New York Times

Daily Mail

BBC News

Photo by Northern Ireland Executive – License

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