ISIS Releases Video Showing Jordanian Prisoner Being Burned to Death

ISIS publicly murders another hostage, creating a viral uproar once again. Jordanian pilot, Muadh al-Kasasbeh was burned alive while being held in a locked cage and filmed. The brutal killing will undoubtedly further elevate tensions between Jordan, a crucial member of the United States’ force opposing ISIS, and the encroaching jihadi group. Jordan was quick to reply, knowing that the number of ISIS supporters are growing rapidly, and ordered the executions of five convicted terrorists, including the recent execution of the failed suicide bomber.

In response to the video showing the burning of the Jordanian pilot, Jordanian King Abdullah II also came out with a televised address stating the murder was a “cowardly [act of] terror by a criminal group that has no relation to Islam. It is the duty of all citizens to stand together.” He is outraged at the continuing jihadi group’s terror threats but also aware that unity within the nation will be the strongest tactic against them. Abdullah plans to meet with Barack Obama despite having to cut his United States visit short after the video was released. They will presumably discuss ISIS’ imposing threat and how America and its coalition against the terror group will react.

Col Mamdouh al-Ameri, Jordan’s military spokesman, came out on television to deliver the message that the pilot’s death would evoke a “strong, earth-shaking” national as well as global response. The Jordanian military forces stress that his “blood will not be shed in vain, [for Jordan’s] revenge will be as huge as the loss of the Jordanians.”

Obama’s response to the video made clear that American and allied forces would redouble in order to fight off the terrorist group. He also said that this act was just another example of the “viciousness and barbarity” of the jihadi group. Even other terror groups in the region say they do not want to be affiliated with ISIS, because of the barbarity of their tactics.

The pilot’s friends and relatives have been meeting and also awaiting to hear his fate, and have been heard saying things against Jordan’s King. Upon seeing the video, where Kasasbeh is shown being led through an air strike, then hit and detained in a cage. He was proceeded to be surrounded by a line of flames that slowly engulf him, while his friends and family wept.

Experts estimate that his execution was held on January 3, which was three weeks before they proposed sparing his life if Rishawi, the failed suicide bomber, was released. Knowing that ISIS may have already killed him, Jordanian officials demanded proof and later suspect he may have been killed.

Jordan’s response by executing Rishawi will continue to fuel the fire ISIS has started. Their desire for her release was made clear. Now with her death publicized after the burning of the Jordanian was released, it is uncertain how ISIS will respond.

The Islamic State now has approximately twenty-five thousand fighters plus over ten thousand more recruits. It is obvious that the jihadi group poses a disturbing threat to stability in the middle-east and national safety through out the world. After the released video showing the Jordanian pilot’s burning death, Their next plan is to collapse the Jordanian monarchy and continue to spread their corrupt ideas through the Arab world.

By Audrey Madden



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