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Toy soldiers are being trained as the new generation of ISIS. A new video has been received from the Islamic militant group ISIS.  This video boasts a new generation of trained killers. Children, toy soldiers, some as young as five-years-old are learning fighting drills and learning the Koran.

This video, released Monday shows 70-100 children of foreign fighters who have gone to join ISIS.  An instructor in the video says that these toy soldiers are in phase two of their training. This video confirms what the UN Human Rights Council had already believed; training camps, designed to look like schools are schools of Islamic extremism. These children are being trained in weaponry and religious education. Some of these toy soldiers have been deployed and some have been on suicide-bombing missions, including mentally challenged children.

These toy soldiers wear black headbands in the video. They are being asked religious questions and quoting the Koran backed to Arabic music. They kneel in prayer with their trainer and eat together. There is some laughter. There are also rifles. These toy soldiers are being compared with Hitler’s Youth. This training camp is called the Al Farouk Institute for Cubs. This training center is in Raqqa, Syria.

According to Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project says that to ISIS supporters, these training camps are like putting their children in the best private school. Mauro believes this video was created to send the message that ISIS is planting roots. If you kill off ISIS leaders, there is another generation to take the place as new leadership with the same beliefs. This video has been unable to be verified.

However, seeing toy soldiers may be shocking but ISIS has promised to bring up a new generation as they build their state. ISIS has a mission and is following through with its plans and promises. Syrians have reported seeing toy soldiers in the ISIS ranks and indoctrinated into ISIS. One man has said that his own 13-year-old son was forced into a training camp. When his son was there he went through some sort of “brainwashing” he said. When he got his son back, a blond, blue-eyed doll was found with a large knife given to him by ISIS. These items were to help toy soldiers become desensitized to killing. They were used to practice beheading Westerners. There are also pictures on social media websites of foreign fighters and their children with knives and heads in their hands.

ISIS’ most effective recruiting tool is social media. It has been used to attract jihadi brides, fighters and the toy soldiers who follow. The children stand in formation in camouflage like toy soldiers and chant. Nigeria, Boko Haram has shown toy soldiers aiming automatic rifles at their Islamic State Cubs training camp. ISIS is also torturing, killing and raping Iraqi children who are not in the training camps.

Where are all the girls?  ISIS has a strict manifesto for girls. Girls can get married as early as nine-years-old and should be married by 17. Their lives should be sedentary. They should be mothers. This is in a manifesto put together and published by an all-female ISIS group. This group is referred to ISIS’ female militia Al-Khanssaa Brigade. The manifesto was uploaded to a jihadist forum last month. It has been translated into English by the Quilliam Foundation in London. The Quilliam Foundation is a counter-terror think tank.

The manifesto said it is preferable for women to be veiled in public, behind the scenes so-to-speak. Muslim women are to avoid beauty salons and fashion boutiques so they do not become “sexed up” like Western women. The Sharia calls for women to be virgins before marriage. Women are to take care of the home and be mothers. Things Western girls say about excitement to recruit new jihadi brides, is the world of men. Girls ages seven to nine learn religion, Quranic Arabic and science. Girls ages 10-12 continue religious studies, especially laws on marriage and divorce, also they learn knitting and basic cooking. Teens from 13-15 focus on Sharia, how to go about daily Islamic life and manual skills as well as learning to raise children.

Women will be married by 17, while young, pure and active. Women can only leave homes under specific conditions: if the enemy is attacking and the men cannot protect their homes on their own, they may leave to study sciences of religion as well. Women who are doctors or teachers may leave their homes under strict Sharia law.

Translating this manifesto allows the Quilliam Foundation to look at the true nature of a woman’s role in ISIS. There is much Western romanticism and propaganda on the social media sites attracting young girls to join ISIS. Knowing the truth about women’s roles under Sharia law is very beneficial.

By Jeanette Smith


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