Jennifer Lawrence Shuts Down David O. Russell Tension Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has shut down the rumors that there is tension between herself and David O. Russell. The rumors started this week, stating that there had been a heated argument on the set of Joy, their new movie. TMZ claimed that Lawrence and the director got into a “loud argument” on Tuesday during a scene.

However, Lawrence says that the rumors are terrible. She even took to social media to help clear up the apparent showdown, saying that it definitely did not happen. There is no tension between them, and she wants the rumors to stop. The two are friends, and continue to be friends.

During the note on her official Facebook page, Lawrence explained that she and Russell were close friends, and she admires him a lot. She also said that she was having a lot of fun making the movie, and just came online to clear up this “terrible rumor.” Lawrence also joked that she can barely work email, something she has joked about in the past. It is a rare sight to see Lawrence take to social media, so the rumors must have been getting to her.

According to a rep at the studio for Joy, the two argued loudly on set. The rep insisted that there was some screaming happening, but it turns out that it was all for a scene. Russell was allegedly getting Lawrence worked up enough, so she could film her scene with justice. It seems to make sense, especially now that Lawrence has shut down the rumors that there is tension between herself and Russell.

Joy is the story of Joy Mangano, a single mom in Long Island. It is a rags-to-riches story, as she goes from being this single mom to the inventor of a self-wringing mop. The Home Shopping Network quickly takes on the product, and she becomes a household name. The premiere for the movie is expected on Christmas Day this year, and there is hope that the movie will be nominated for Oscars next year.

It is not the first time that rows have happened on set, nor is it the first time Russell has been linked to star showdowns. According to YouTube’s WallaceBeery, Russell argued with Lily Tomlin in 2004, while they filmed I Heart Huckabees. However, the argument with Lawrence was nothing like that. He was simply getting her ready to film. This is the problem when things are taken out of context.

Lawrence is known for being easy to work with, and is passionate about her work. It is clear that the passion is working off after winning an Oscar in 2012 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. She was also nominated for her supporting role in American Hustle. She has won 110 awards in total since really making a name for herself in 2008. She started acting in 2006. Since The Hunger Games in 2012, the actress has had a highly successful career and it promises to continue.

It is rare that she is connected to tension rumors, which is why this was so surprising for some fans. However, Lawrence took to social media to shoot down the rumors about tensions between her and Russell yesterday.

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