Kelly Osbourne Leaving Fashion Police After Zendaya Hair Controversy

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is reportedly leaving Fashion Police after the hair controversy involving Zendaya. Her co-host Giuliana Rancic was also involved, when the Disney star’s dreadlocks were commented on. Osbourne was reportedly shocked and displeased with Rancic’s opinions.

The network confirmed that the reality TV show star was leaving after five years on the show. There are no hard feelings from E!, and the statement went onto thank her for her contributions and wished her will in her future opportunities. There are no current decisions over a replacement for when the show returns on March 30 this year.

Many fans were not surprised to hear that Osbourne was leaving the show. In fact, some people expected her to leave sooner due to the power struggle that occurred after Joan Rivers’ death last September. Rivers was the queen of the show, and all looked up to her. It was difficult for many of them after her death.

Rancic made headlines this week for her comments after the Oscars. She said that Zendaya’s dreadlocks smelled like “patchouli and weed,” while they presented the post-Oscars episode a day later. Osbourne was instantly offended by the comment, and used social media to show that. She said that she was questioning whether she should stay on the show, but would give it 24 hours. People on the show needed to make it right, or Osbourne was threatening to walk.

Shortly after the comment was made, Osbourne took to Twitter to say that she did not condone racism. She made it clear that the weed comment was not one that she made, and it was a serious deciding factor for her.

It seems like Osbourne could not accept the apology or the fact that Rancic tried to make it right. Osbourne later decided that she would leave Fashion Police after the Zendaya hair controversy, possibly deciding that she would not like to get mixed up in that again. A source close to the show reportedly commented that people wondered whether she would leave, and producers expected it to happen.

Zendaya did later accept Rancic’s apologies, and Osbourne even tweeted a thank you for doing the right thing. She said how it takes a strong woman to apologize, and then dug in saying that a stronger woman accepts the apology. It all seemed to blow over, but Osbourne decided it was time to leave. Melissa Rivers, executive producer of the show, said that she would miss the 30-year-old, but that the “show must go on.” There just is not that much time to find someone to replace the presenter.

The hair controversy may not have been the only factor involved in Osbourne leaving the show. She was reportedly thinking about it since Rivers’ death last year. When Kathy Griffin came onto the show, there was allegedly a shouting match between the two of them. Osbourne reportedly commented that the replacement was not living up to the standard and expectations set by Rivers. They would have been big shoes to fill.

It seems like the 30-year-old has had enough. Osbourne is now leaving Fashion Police after the controversy over Zendaya’s hair.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham

E! Online

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