Leonard Nimoy Honored Through Social Media

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Leonard Nimoy

The whole of social media has honored Leonard Nimoy after the news of his death. Star Trek fans around the world instantly posted about the legendary actor, making hashtags like #StarTrek and #Spock trend on Twitter instantly. His fellow actors like George Takai and William Shatner also quickly took to Twitter to share their condolences after the news of Nimoy’s death broke.

The 83-year-old actor was taken to hospital with chest pains last week. The news was only released days later, but there was hope that he would pull through like he had during previous visits. Reports stated that Nimoy was complaining of chest pains, which were a regular symptom of his COPD. He developed that due to smoking, despite giving up the habit 30 years ago. Nimoy regularly urged his fans to give up smoking now, because of his suffering.

Nimoy was best known for his role as Spock in the original Star Trek series. He starred alongside the likes of Shatner and Takai, and has reprised the role in the most recent movies based on the original TV show. He played a future version of himself, with original Spock played by American Horror Story’s Zachary Quinto. Fans around the world remember his iconic sayings, including “live long and prosper.”

As a way to remember and honor Nimoy, fans used the “live long and prosper” saying on social media. Many people noted how he had in fact lived long and prospered in his career. A number of fans took photos doing the Vulcan hand gesture, with some even dressing up as the character with the pointed ears.

Shatner took to Twitter to say how Nimoy was like a brother to him. Not only will his talent be missed, but also his love and humor. Takai also commented that the world has lost a “great man.” He wrote about returning Nimoy to the stars. Quinto was another actor who used Twitter as his way of saying goodbye to someone he called a friend.

The hashtag #LLAP also started trending on Twitter, with Nimoy trending on Facebook. People were devastated to hear about his death, but social media does mean that he can be remembered for all time.

NASA decided to post a photo of the original Star Trek cast, which included Nimoy. They were at the base visiting the shuttle that had been named Enterprise, and all sported clothing popular in the 1970s. Buzz Aldrin later wrote a piece for CNN to show his sadness over Nimoy’s death. He said that the way the 83-year-old portrayed Spock helped Aldrin determine how the perfect spaceman would act; calm and logical.

Nimoy’s death will hopefully not be in vain. One of his wishes was for people to stop smoking. He noted last year that even giving up 30 years ago, he is suffering from the terrible side effects. While he grew up in an era where the dangers were not recognized, people now tend to ignore them. Fans have continued to support his cause for others to give up smoking, as they honored Nimoy through social media.

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