The Sound of Music: 50 Years Later

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The Sound of Music

It has been 50 years since the movie version of The Sound of Music premiered. The movie was based on a popular Rogers and Hammerstein musical, which could be found on Broadway. In the original film version, Julie Andrews played the lead female role of Maria Von Trapp, while Christopher Plummer portrayed Captain Von Trapp. The original film version for The Sound of Music actually debuted in theaters on March 2, 1965.

This film has endured the test of time and is still considered one of the most loved musicals over the last 50 years.In fact, The Sound of Music which won five Academy Awards including Best Picture, was honored at the 2015 Oscars ceremony. At the awards ceremony, Lady Gaga put on a performance that garnered a large social media response. The tribute to The Sound of Music was a medley of a number of the films most popular songs. That particular performance ended up being one of the most talked about portions of the awards program. In fact, Andrews even got up on stage to hug the singer after she finished her performance and then spoke afterwards about being a fan of Gaga.

In honor of The Sound of Music’s 50 year anniversary, there have not only been a number of interviews with some of the original cast, but also from a member of the family that inspired the work. Beyond the interviews there have also been a number of tributes, as well as commemorative packages that have been planned. On March 10, an Ultimate Collectors Edition of The Sound of Music will be released, that will contain five discs with over 13 hours of bonus material. There is even a new documentary about the film being included. That same day there will also be a Compact Disc released with The Sound of Music’s vocal performances, as well as the orchestral cues.

On top of the music and film releases that are planned for The Sound of Music, there are also books and a stage tour for fans to look forward to. At a film festival for Turner Classic Movies, a fully remastered version of The Sound of Music will be screened as part of a gala, that will include a Questions and Answers session with both Plummer and Andrews. Fans will also have the chance to watch the movie on the big screen in the United States. Over 500 theaters will be showing the movie on two separate days, April 19 and 22.

Among the interviews that have been conducted in honor of The Sound of Music’s 50 year anniversary, there was one with both Plummer and Andrews done with Vanity Fair, as well as a piece written by Elisabeth Von Trapp, the granddaughter of the real Von Trapp family. Plummer and Andrews spoke about not only what went into the making of the film all those years ago but also their friendship that has continued on since then. The two actors also discussed life and work after The Sound of Music and how the movie shaped their careers. For Von Trapp, the movie is something she cannot escape and yet she also talks about what a privilege it is to be a member of the family. In her piece, she discusses some of what really happened to the family, as well as how she herself has been a part of The Sound of Music, even taking to the stage to portray her grandmother.

As The Sound of Music celebrates 50 years, fans young and old will once more get a chance to experience the story of the Von Trapp family. For those who did not get a chance to experience the film in theaters the first time, this is the year to watch Andrews sing across the mountains on the big screen.

By Kimberley Spinney


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