Kris Jenner Dropping Ex-Husband’s Last Name After Sex Change Announcement


Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris will be dropping her now ex-husband’s last name following his recent public announcement that he is, indeed, working on becoming a woman. She will not, however, be going back to the name Kardashian. In fact, the 59-year-old will not even be reverting to her maiden name (Houghton), and the reason for this lays with the fact that the mother of six has decided to not go by any last name at all.

Jenner reportedly is choosing to go by a singular name only, professionally at least (there is not yet any words as to whether she will drop her current last name from her legal documents and suchlike, or choose to keep it what it is now.) A source claiming to be close to the reality television star recently told Radar Online that Jenner will be, from now on, be simply going by Kris. The source says that the self-proclaimed “momager” believes that she is well-known enough to the point of being able to go by one name only, much like various other celebrities (Cher, Madonna, Sting, Kesha, etc.) She reportedly believes that her notoriety will speak for itself, and therefore it is unnecessary for her to use a surname in order to identify herself.

The source also give details to the possibility of Jenner changing her name back to Kardashian, something she is said to have always regretted upon changing it to her former husband’s surname when they got married back in 1991. Indeed, the issue became something of a sore spot between the pair back when they were still on relatively unionized terms, and they hashed it out on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few seasons ago. Jenner felt as though she had given up her identity upon marrying the former Olympian, something that he was less than enthused to hear and subsequently let his bride know exactly how much this statement stung him.

The 65-year-old’s decision to transition into a woman reportedly was made well over a year ago, around the time in which he had surgery to shave his larynx in order for it to have a more smooth and diminished appearance, an operation that is quite common in male-to-female sex changes. Although the issue was widely speculated on and gossiped about back then, the man was adamant that this procedure was nothing more than one of practicality and comfort.

Upon his recent revelation, however, Jenner has admitted that it was one of his first steps in the change. Regarding why he was less than truthful about the reason behind it; he says that he was putting the best interest of his youngest daughters (Kendall and Kylie) above all else, in order to better protect them from ridicule and suchlike due to his personal decisions, as the pair were both still in school at the time of the surgery in question.

It remains to be seen whether Kris Jenner will stick with her decision to be henceforth known only by her first name. For now, however, she is said to be extremely confident in her decision and believes it is the best choice for her in terms of moving on with her life.

By Rebecca Grace

Radar Online