Obama Takes Action Against Cyber Threats


On Friday, President Barack Obama will announce an executive order to take action to improve how companies share details about potential cyber threats. The plan will help improve the communication between companies and the U.S. government when such an incident occurs.

Obama hopes this will motivate the elevation of concerns on high-profile attacks that are becoming more advertised on social media in the past year. The new order will have a detailed plan with procedures on how to make companies more aware of each other and the American government’s response time faster.

Effective cyber security will be made possible with this new order with “rapid information sharing that is essential when trying to respond to a threat efficiently. Obama will share more details of his plan at Stanford University and a White House organized conference. The chief executive of Apple, Tim cook, is scheduled as a keynote speaker who will introduce Obama.

After recent North Korean cyber attacks on Sony, the White house has been working to formulate a strategy that will fight cyber crime quickly and efficiently. The administration plans on creating a new “cyber intelligence” center where analysts will monitor traffic and collection of threats will be coordinated.

Earlier this year, cyber security legislation fell dead in congress. Obama and his advisors have tried to revive the legislation and take action against cyber threats, but have not had much luck. Amendments have been made to accommodate businesses and their concerns about liability, privacy, and other regulations.

The White House has announced that on Friday, leaders will meet, discuss, and voluntarily pledge to improve their practices. Nine major companies including Apple, Kaiser, Walgreens, and Bank of America will announce their compliance with the administrations new cyber security strategy. The framework for this plan that was developed last year will be agreed upon at the Friday conference.

Director of the National Economic Council, Jeffrey Zients, shares his concerns with the fine line between cyber security and consumer privacy protection. Although officials did not describe the new plan in detail, they assure the public and companies that it will help Homeland Security manage information flow into the government more efficiently.

Despite companies’ wariness to adapt to these new orders and turn in sensitive information, the administration is confident in the strategy of this plan. Multiple companies are worried that information, when given up more freely to the government, could accidentally be made public and affect the consumers negatively.

Administration officials have said that they would prefer more sharing of information while also legally limiting companies who share too much as an attempt to reduce their liability. Surveillance practices, uncovered by Edward Snowden last year, are a sensitive topic.

With little getting done in Republican controlled congress, Obama is taking new administrative steps to ensure cyber security strategies will be formulated and eventually implemented. His top homeland security officer is expected to play a major role in these new orders. Obama wants to take strong action against cyber security threats, with concerns after recent hackings.

Written by Audrey Madden


LA Times



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