Lance Armstrong Faces Court Over Car Crash in Aspen

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The ex professional cyclist Lance Armstrong will have to face court on March 17 after being involved in a car crash and fleeing the scene near Aspen, Colorado. His girlfriend, Anna Hansen, who originally took the blame for the accident, remains free of charges.

The seven-time tour winner, who has been in recent years in the eyes of the media for losing his seven titles after a doping scandal, was recently involved in a car accident in which he lost control of his GMC Yukon and hit two parked cars. The bad weather and inappropriate speed for the snowy road seem to have been the causes of the accident. Police reports said there were no injured victims.

The accident occurred when Armstrong and his girlfriend were driving back home from a fundraising event at an art museum in Aspen. The disgraced cyclist lost control of his vehicle and ended up hitting two cars that were appropriately parked in the street. Armstrong and Hansen initially disappeared from the scene, but when one of the neighbors – and relative of the people who had hired both cars – was calling the police, Hansen came back from behind a corner and apologized for the incident offering to take care of the damages.

Police later arrived at the house Armstrong shares with his girlfriend, to throw some light on what had happened earlier that night. When questioned, Hansen declared she was the driver at the time of the accident claiming her husband had “had a little bit to drink”. As the Aspen police carried out further investigations, they found out from an employee at the hotel where the event had taken place that it had been him and not her who had sat behind the wheel when the couple left the premises. As a result Lance Armstrong will to face having to appear before a court and be reviewed on charges in regards to the Aspen crash and having leaving the scene before the police arrived.

Anna Hansen not being able to hold her story any longer, decided to tell the truth and explained she lied to protect her family reasoning that if people believed she was the driver at the time of the accident, the news would not have attracted as much attention from the media. She went on explaining that it has been very hard for them to cope with their names so often in the media for the past two years and that they have two teenage children. Hansen was clearly referring to the turmoil created by the doping scandal her boyfriend was involved in, which ended up with the American Anti-Doping Agency banning him from racing for life.

Now the ex professional cyclist and father of five, is facing court charges over the crash before New Year’s Eve in his own town Aspen , whilst his girlfriend will not be prosecuted for false testimony as in the end she decided to cooperate with the police and tell the truth. In the words of Andrea Bryan, the deputy district attorney, if a witness “came forward with the truth, it would be incredibly rare for our office to charge the witness with false reporting.” Mr. Lance Armstrong has already appointed attorney Pamela Mackey, famous for having defended NBA player Kobe Bryant back in 2003.

By Vanessa Pouso

The Telegraph

Photo by George Burns – Flickr License