Lindsay Lohan Slammed by Judge Regarding Community Service Hours

LohanLindsay Lohan and the community service organization for which she worked was condemned by a judge early Wednesday. The judge threw out more than half of the hours she completed. The judge ordered Lohan to commit to another 125 hours as punishment for her probation case, after a prosecutor called her bluff on the service hours she claimed to have performed. Though the hearing was done privately in the judge’s chambers, many people call the service work Lohan did as “unacceptable.”

Prosecutor Terry White was outraged over the service work Lohan completed for CSV in London, stating in one instance she was awarded credit for six hours of community service, while four of the hours were spent on stage and the other two hours were allotted for meeting fans.

The young entertainment star has been continuously running into problems with her never-ending probation terms. This comes from a 2012 case when Lohan was charged with reckless driving after the actress hit an 18-wheeler.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Bryan Frank – Flickr License

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