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man seeking woman

FXX’s new show Man Seeking Woman has dazzled critics, since its premiere on January 14th of this year. This surrealist comedy follows Jay Baruchel as the role lovable loser and chronically unlucky in love Josh Greenburg, as he navigates his way through today’s dating scene. All the while, he is being prodded on by his well-intentioned sister Liz (played by the beautiful and quirky Britt Lower) and his skirt chasing best friend Mike, played by the always hilarious Eric Andre.

Man Seeking Woman also features cameos from Saturday Night Live alumni Bill Hader, and standup comedian Sarah Silverman. The show is produced by Lorne Micheals, and is led by show runner and creator Simon Rich. The show is primarily based on a book of short stories by Rich, entitled The Last Girlfriend on Earth. The show itself is definitely not what one would consider a normal sitcom, given that the humor is definitely not for everyone.

Some recent Man Seeking Woman plots have included Josh’s ex-girlfriend finding new love with a straight from Argentina Adolf Hitler, a blind date with a bridge troll, and the loss of Josh’s own right hand due to the lack of passion in their lovemaking. Man Seeking Woman does not shy away from the surreal and abstract, but rather relishes in these ridiculous twists and turns which makes the show feel very fresh and original.

Man Seeking Woman currently holds a certified fresh rating from, based on 31 reviews with the average review coming in at 6.7 out of 10. Tim Goodman, from The Hollywood Reporter, reports the show is an “absurdly funny and welcome addition to a TV landscape full of comedies trying too hard to be hip.” Mr. Goodman’s opinion couldn’t be more correct, as Man Seeking Woman is definitely a show that stands tall among bland rehashes of the same tired tropes. Man Seeking Woman still plays on a very over used comedy trope “the lovable loser tries to find love” but does so in such a refreshing way.

Man Seeking Woman tackles an issue every twenty-something male has encountered in today’s society the absurdities of online dating and the pressure to settle down in an increasingly hostile world, all the while feeling like it invented the genre. With the primetime Emmy nominations being announced on July 16th, Man Seeking Woman seems to be a lock, for at least a nomination in the comedy category. Even with the stiff competition in the comedy category this year I believe it will walk away victorious. Even the cast is happy with the quality of the show. Jay Baruchel has told interviewers that he is happy with the quality of the writing, and that he is amazed with Simon Rich’s ability to come up with funny and original stories.

All in all, one can certainly believe that Man Seeking Woman is a great new show for FXX, a horribly underestimated network, and is deserving of every award that it manages to win over the next year. Here’s to Simon Rich, and television viewers should all pray that FXX renews Man Seeking Woman for season two.

Opinion by James Dixson

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