Maryland School Shooting Injures 2

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Police in Frederick, Maryland are reporting a shooting inside a school gymnasium during a basketball game which has left two people injured. Police have searched and secured the school, but the suspects have not yet been apprehended. The shooting took place at Frederick High School, in or in the vicinity of the gym. The school was immediately locked down and has only just had that lockdown released now that it has been determined that the shooters are no longer on the premises. The two shooting victims were taken to be treated for their injuries, but no report on their condition has been given at this time.

Maryland police have not released any information about the circumstances or motive for this shooting, or any description of the shooters at this point. They did make a statement saying that the school was still being considered an active scene. They also said that they had been able to verify that everyone at the scene was safe and accounted for.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Bryan Costin – Flickr License