Muath al-Kaseasbeh the Jordanian Pilot Not Yet Secured


Muath al-Kaseasbeh, the Jordan pilot has not yet been secured. The deal set last week on Thursday did not go as planned. Jordan was and is ready to hand over Sajida al-Rishawi, bomber and prisoner of Jordan, to Islamic State, or IS, for Kaseasbeh.

The leader of Jordan, King Abdullah II said that Jordan is doing everything it can to rescue the young fighter pilot. The exchange was supposed to happen last week on Thursday, but did not apparently.

The exchange took a turn for the worse when Japanese journalist, Kenji Goto, was executed by Islamic State. The deal to hand over Rishawi for Kaseasbeh potentially could have freed both Goto and the pilot. Before it was doubtful that Rishawi was worth Kaseasbeh and Goto; now it is doubtful that Rishawi is worth Kaseasbeh, in the eyes of IS, because of the prolonged wait time.

Kaseasbeh’s family does not know if he is okay and have not known since last week. The most recent video consisted of Goto’s execution, but did not mention Kaseasbeh. The pilot’s father does not know how his son is, he said he asked many people in the government.

The pilot’s uncle said that he wants his government to tell the truth. Jordan is ready to give Rishawi up for the pilot, given that they were assured the pilot is in fact safe and his return imminent. The pilot’s father wishes the Jordanian government would be more open about the dealings between IS and Jordan he told VoA News. The Kaseasbeh family does not know if the Jordanian pilot is safe or not, the only thing they do know is he is not yet secured.

The event started with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he was in Syria, a part of it is new territory for IS, and he saw refugees needed assistance after a war with the Islamic State. Prime Minister Abe promised he would give $200 million to the refugees.

Haruna Yukawa went over for an unknown reason, likely to tell the story of the Syrian refugees, but was captured by IS. Yukawa was the assistant of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist. Goto went over to Syria to tell the story of the Syrian people and to save his assistant Yukawa.

Instead of Goto saving Yukawa, Goto and Yukawa were both captured. Islamic State saw Abe trying to give the refugees assistance as a being against IS. And so, IS demanded $200 million, for a political point, for the release of the two. After Japan did not give in to terrorism they executed Yukawa.

Kaseasbeh was flying over Syria, which many people were against. Kaseasbeh’s plane was put down by IS controlled part of Syria. From then on IS did not want money but a prisoner of Jordan, who was involved in triple hotel bombings, in 2005.

A few days went by, the trade for the hotel bomber potentially could have saved both of their lives, instead, IS killed Goto and Kaseasbeh is still undetermined. Prime Minister Abe said, as he has before, that his country will never give in to terrorism, they will continue with the humanitarian assistance with IS as their sworn enemy.

In a video, IS had Goto, or what sounded like Goto, saying to Prime Minister Abe that this was all his fault. The journalist, now deceased, said he would take full responsibility for anything that happens, in a video he recorded before he left for Syria.

As for the Jordan pilot, the government vowed that ‘all efforts’ are being made to secure the young pilot’s freedom according to King Abdullah II. Efforts including freeing Iraqi insurgent Rishawi for the Jordanian pilot, Kaseasbeh who as yet has not been secured.

By Jacob Dowd


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