One Direction’s Zayn Malik Falls Ill Again, Misses Most of Perth Concert

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One Direction member Zayn Malik has fallen ill once more, and recently ended up missing most of the band’s set list during their show in Perth, Australia. The 22-year-old was mid-way through their fourth song with the rest of the boys when he had to suddenly exit the stage, and he did not return to finish the concert.

A short while later, fellow bandmate Niall Horan informed the audience that the self-proclaimed Bradford Bad Boy would sadly not be returning to the show as he was feeling far too sick to continue engaging in performances. The Irishman continued that Malik had actually not been too well previous to the band going on stage, but that he did his best to get through it and be with the boys for as long as his health held up. Horan, with the aide of Liam Payne, helped take over Malik’s parts in the songs Girl Almighty and two additional songs.

Directioners are hopeful that Malik will be in stable enough condition to return to the stage soon, as the group is only halfway through their Australian leg of their tour, and are set to fly out to Japan following its end (One Direction is currently on a world tour that will also send them to over a dozen countries in total; these countries include Canada, England, Singapore, UAE, South Africa, and Indonesia just to name a few.) A spokesperson for the band said that, although they cannot confirm that Malik will indeed be well enough to continue on the rest of the 1D’s Australian tour, his illness is nothing serious and therefore fans do not need to be worried about Malik in the long run.

This is not the first time that Malik has fallen ill and has been unable to join the other boys for an important event. Back in November, the Night Changes singer was absent during a group interview/performance on The Today Show during a promo tour for 1D’s then-upcoming album Four, launching a word-wide trend of panicked #WheresZayn tweets. Host Matt Lauer put some pressure on the other boys to give information about his whereabouts, to which they responded that Malik had a stomach bug and therefore could not have flown out with them just yet.

However, Lauer pushed even further and brought up the possibility that Malik was suffering from drug or alcohol abuse as was somewhat rumored at that time due to his alarmingly gaunt appearance at the 2015 Royal Variety Performance in London, England. The other members, most significantly Payne, insisted that this was not the case and that it was merely a minor health issue (Horan openly scoffed at Lauer’s remarks, although he chose not to escalate the matter further by, as the look on his face deemed he truly wanted to, giving an angry retort of any kind.) Later on, Malik himself spoke out about Lauer’s comments and conveyed how hurt he was by these accusations and did not hesitate to convey just how angry they made him.

It is not yet known whether Zayn Malik’s health will be back in good enough shape soon enough to continue the rest of the band’s Australian tour, or even to re-join them once they hit Japan. Directioners have been waiting patiently on the singer’s Twitter account for days seeking an update, but none has come as of today.

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