Rosie O’Donnell Leaving ‘The View’

O'DonnellIn the latest news from the set of The View, co-host Rosie O’Donnell has announced that she will be leaving for personal reasons. After only six months back on the ABC program after a seven year absence, she is once more leaving, but this time in an effort to concentrate on her family. Following rumors that O’Donnell had split with her second wife, her personal publicist, Cindi Berger spoke to The New York Post’s Page Six. Berger confirmed that the couple of just three years was, in fact, splitting up and had been living apart from each other since November. Therefore, she would be leaving her position on The View in an effort to care for her children.

In the statement, Berger said that this situation is very stressful for the family and that O’Donnell is leaving the show in an effort to give her infant and teen children the attention that they need. Berger followed this up by stating that, at this time, the co-host is putting both her health and family first. The network has also been understanding, as well as supportive, of her decision to exit the show at this time.

The network also put out a statement regarding O’Donnell’s need to leave The View at this time. ABC confirmed that the co-host would be leaving the program, with her last episode set to air next week. The network gave the statement that not only did they respect her decision, but they also understood her reasons and need to put her family and health first. ABC also added that they believe that she is a talented individual. According to network honchos, every day O’Donnell brought not only excitement but also a passion to the show, while she also shared many fresh ideas and new points of view. The network also said that they were happy to say that O’Donnell was still going to be a part of the ABC family; not only will she be seen in an upcoming guest spot on The Fosters, but she will also be returning to The View as often as possible. She will be doing so not only to share her unique view point, but to also give updates on her family and work.

With five children at home, O’Donnell will have plenty to occupy her focus once she leaves the talk show program. Four of her children are older, while the fifth was adopted with her second wife. The couple was married in June of 2012. Following their wedding, the couple decided to adopt a child together. They ended up adopting a baby girl together in 2013. While there is no additional information about the couple’s split at this time, O’Donnell is already taking the necessary steps to take care of her children, as well as look after their well being.

The last time that O’Donnell left The View was in 2007, after an eight month term marked by combative confrontations. The season was laced with arguments and disagreements between O’Donnell and her fellow co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who was known for being conservative. Since then, Hasselbeck herself has also left the show.

By Kimberley Spinney


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