‘Helix’: ‘Densho’ Sees Jules Going Medieval in a Honey of an Episode


This Friday, Helix continued its run of exceptional episodes its second season with Densho, in which Dr, Julia Walker, or Jules, goes medieval and honey is proven to be a vector for the virus that has been running rampant on St. Germain. Last week’s episode, Scion, saw quite a few twisted things happening in it, including Dr. Kyle Sommers’ getting the living daylights beaten out of him by the children on St. Germain, and Dr. Jules Walker having an incredibly creepy “family reunion” courtesy of her father, Dr. Hatake, who has a very tenuous grip on reality.

Helix began with scenes of buzzing bees out in the orchard on St. Germain, where the cultists were busy picking fruit. One of them, Travis, got stung by a bee, and developed flu-like symptoms.

Travis then was in his room, talking to one of the Sisters, apparently his girlfriend or ex, who said “The life growing inside of me belongs to all of us.” He then freaked out, consumed by the virus and maybe jealousy, and killed her.

Meanwhile, 30 years into the future, Hatake asked Jules “Did you sleep well?” He then began talking to his dead son, Daniel, and wife, Jaye.

Jules told him “You do realize that they are not actually here?”

“They are out on a hike. They will be back soon,” Hatake told her. The rest of the “future” segments follow, though they were split up with scenes in the present during the episode, like always so far this season.

A bit later on Helix, Hatake made breakfast for Jules and fed her. He told her that protecting his “legacy,” and his “family” was more important than worrying about some disease.

Hatake told her she need some “therapy.” Inside Hatake’s house, he told Julia “Don’t be afraid. Therapy will help make you one of the family.” The therapy involved killing her by intravenously pumping chemicals into her. She yelled “No! You can’t make me like one of them!”


Hatake then had a talk with his son, Daniel, and Jules said “Go ahead and take your son fishing.” The theme song to the Andy Griffith Show played, and Jules tried to free herself from the table, but just kicked stuff to the floor.

On Helix, when Hatake returned from his father/son fishing trip, he saw the mess Julia had made, thrashing about trying to escape. He said “Look at this mess. I’m very disappointed in you.”

He started pumping something white through a tube into her neck, but then he removed the needle and let the substance drip onto the floor. Hatake released her from the table. She had a syringe hidden in her hand, and stabbed him in the back with it.

She ran off into the woods. He yelled out “Julia!” and followed her, as if he was not hurt at all. Then, Helix headed to yet another commercial break.

Hatake followed his daughter into the forest and he and Jules faced off. Hatake had a sword and she used an ax. He managed to slice through the handle of the ax. She continued to fight him, and he said “Come, Julia!”

“As long as you live, there will always be a part of you that’s me,” Hatake told her. He had the chance to kill her, but he saw an apparition of his dead wife, Jaye, and that gave Julia the chance to “kill” him.

“Take this,” he told her, giving her the sword as he was dying. “I should have never made you like me. Take this, my child. I’m sorry,” he told her.

Then, as she walked away, he crumpled to the ground, and Helix went to another break. As Helix returned from the break, Hatake, not quite dead yet, staggered back to his house and his dead son and wife who told him it was okay. He sat with them at the dinner table, wanting to be with them holding their hands as he died.

In the present, Peter acted as if he had just come across his unconscious brother, Alan, who had gotten hit on his head. Peter tried to trick Alan by making nice, and helping him up.

Inside the Sanctuary, Dr. Kyle Sommers confronted Brother Michael, the leader of the cult, and said that he brainwashed the children to attack him. “I know what you are,” Sommers said.

“Oh, really? What am I?” Brother Michael asked.

Then on Helix, Brother Landry and others come across the dead body of Travis, with the yellow fungus growing out of his mouth. Dr. Jordan located Soren’s mother, Olivia, but she does not seem too interested in helping Sarah find her son.


After Brother Michael has a big meeting with all of the cult members, he then meets with three of the Sisters. “The harvest continues. The crop will be plentiful,” one of three Sisters says.

“Uncertainty is like a blight on the crop,” he told them. He called them “My three…best girls.” He added “I don’t need any more pictures on this wall…just yet.”

Elsewhere, one of the older cult ladies slapped Sister Amy’s face, and said that she knew what she was up to. She said they cannot let “anything happen to Mother,” whoever or whatever that might be.

On Helix, Dr. Jordan came in to where Peter had been examining the wound on the back of Alan’s head. “I have to get back to the Abbey,” Alan said. Jordan told him “No, you have to help,” as more and more people were falling ill. They all ate the same diet, but the ones who got the virus had elevated sugar in their blood. There was no processed sugar on St. Germain, though.

Alan told Peter that Julia was “one of the immortals now,” and a leader of Ilaria. Peter acted as if that was news to him.

Peter called him “the great Alan Farragut.” Alan wondered out loud how Peter had been the first one to find him, saying that he “must have been really lucky.”

Dr. Jordan asked Olivia if Soren had eaten something sweet before he got sick. “No one was sick before you got here,” the mom told her. “Maybe you brought the diease.”


Elsewhere on the island on Helix, Peter called Balleseros in Paris at Ilaria headquarters on the phone on an “unsecured line.” Peter was saying that he thought Alan was onto them. Balleseros told Peter “Don’t worry,” that they could find a way to deal with Alan.

The Flight of the Bumblebee song played again after the break. Dr. Sommers discovered a huge nest of the bees and took some samples.

Inside the Sanctuary, Dr. Jordan snooped around and found Soren’s bear inside of a trunk. She took the bear with her.

Back on Helix, Dr. Sommers was checking out the results of a test he had done. He said that “honey,” was one of the vectors.


Dr. Jordan told Soren’s mom, Olivia, that Michael had been lying to her. “The proof is right in front of you,” Sarah said. She told Soren’s mom that she found it in with another child’s belongings. Olivia said “I don’t believe you!” She stabbed Dr. Jordan in her stomach. Sarah made it outside, and collapsed, wondering if her baby would be okay.

On Helix, the cult members are succumbing, one after another, to the virus. Brother Michael and his three very special lady friends do not seem to want the CDC scientists to find out more about what they are up to on the mysterious island of St. Germain, despite Michael’s telling people to cooperate with the scientists. In the future flash-forwards, viewers were treated to seeing Dr. Julia Walker almost dying, then snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as she killed (maybe) Hatake. She got no closer to finding out if there is a cure to the virus, however. Also, Alan discovered that his brother, Peter, is some sort of a double agent, and he has a strong hunch Peter is the person who hit his head and knocked him out. Be sure to tune in next Friday, to watch another episode of Helix!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Desdemona   February 8, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    I think “Mother” is someone we haven’t seen yet, maybe a Queen Bee?

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