Whitney Houston’s Cousin Dionne Warwick Hospitalized Due to Shower Fall


Dionne Warwick, cousin to the deceased legendary songstress Whitney Houston, has been hospitalized due to a serious shower fall that left her significantly injured. The accident occurred on Saturday, January 24th, exactly one week before Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was taken to hospital and put under a medically induced coma due to falling unconscious in a bathtub and sustaining severe brain damage as a result.

Warwick was in her own residence when the incident went down, a home she owns in South Orange, New Jersey. It is not yet known who made the 911 call in order to detail the situation to paramedics, but regardless the singer was transported to a local hospital immediately and proceeded to undergo emergency surgery for her ankle. Warwick stayed at the facility in question for almost two weeks following her injury, only being released from care yesterday.

Not only is it speculated to be extremely eerie that Warwick was hospitalized exactly one week before her late cousin’s daughter, each call came in at barely five minutes apart (approximately 10:20am and 10:25, respectively.) This is also the third instance in the Houston family that has related to a potential tragedy occurring in a bathtub. Houston herself died in the same circumstance, almost three years ago today after drowning in the tub of the hotel room she was staying at in Beverly Hills, California. There was heavy speculation as to whether or not there were drugs (recreational or prescription, but most significantly cocaine) in her system at the time of death, but the official cause of death is listed as drowning.

Her daughter, 21-year-old Bobbi Kristina, is currently on life support at Georgia’s Emory University Hospital after falling unconscious in a bathtub this past Saturday at the residence she shares with boyfriend Nick Gordon. Medical professionals have advised her father, Bobby Brown, that the best decision would be to take her off said support due to the fact that they have reportedly done all they can do for her and her brain is simply not functioning anymore. It was on his 46th birthday that facility administrators informed him of this recommendation.

Brown, however, has refused to accept this scenario and is instead insisting that his daughter’s life will be brought back to normal through a miracle from God, which he says is extremely possible as he and his family have witnessed it before with one of their own. In this, he is referring to an extended family member who came out of an eight-day coma that she was not expected to be revived from, something he says is one of the aforementioned miracles from above. Professionals, however, say that while it is indeed a medical miracle that the girl came out of the coma, it is not something that should be counted on as a reoccurring thing given that there was very little chance it was supposed to happen in the first place.

Dionne Warwick is said to be at home and recovering well. There is still no word on whether or not Bobby Brown will take daughter Bobbi Kristina off life support anytime soon, although reports have stated that he is remaining adamant she will recover from her current situation.

By Rebecca Grace

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