Russia Requests UN Security Council Carry Out Agreement With Ukraine


Russia had forwarded a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council, sanctioning the most recent cease-fire agreement on Ukraine, calling on all members of the council to carry out the action requested.

United Nations diplomats state the council is scheduled to meet again on Sunday to bring the resolution to a vote, just a few hours after the cease-fire agreement is to go into full effect.

The UN-sanctioned resolution, if implemented, would be the only action in which the council has been able to engage during the year-long calamity in Ukraine. Within the past year, the council has met on the matter 30 times, stalemating at every resolution agreement attempt. Russia has a permanent council seat which could allow their member to veto any suggested agreement with which it does not agree, though Russia is the one asking for action this time.

The United States, along with other council members, have continuously accused Russia of sponsoring eastern Ukrainian separatists, which Russia denies.


By: Alex Lemieux



Picture: Sasha Maksymenko – Flickr License


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