Somalia Presidential Compound Hit by Mortar Attack


The heavily fortified presidential compound of Somalia’s president has been attacked by at least three mortars on Thursday, according to Somali law enforcement. Although some were reported to be wounded, it is not yet confirmed if there were any casualties. Al-Shabab, the eastern Africa Islamic extremist group, has already taken responsibility for the attack. Somalia has been plagued for years by insurgency¬†from the group.

Somalia’s security ministry stated the mortar attack was mainly aimed at public terrorizing, rather than sheer destruction. In recent attacks, Somali officials have said there has only been superficial damage when buildings are hit by mortars in Mogadishu.

Two additional mortars hit a small residential area near the capitol which houses the Somali prime minister, president, and speaker of parliament. Al-Shabab continues to wage lethal attacks against the government of Somalia and remains a threat to other areas of eastern Africa.

This comes just one day after President Obama tapped Simonds Dhanani to be the U.S. ambassador to Somalia, though the temporary embassy will be located in nearby Kenya.

By Alex Lemieux


Fox News

Photo by United Nations Photo – Flickr License

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